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FW: Fort York Festival 2000

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  • Larry Lozon
    From: Peter Twist ptwist@ora.auracom.com Subject: Fort York Festival 2000 A War of 1812 Spectacular This is intended as an update on arrangements for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2000
      From: Peter Twist ptwist@...

      Subject: Fort York Festival 2000
      A War of 1812 Spectacular

      This is intended as an update on arrangements for this year's Fort York Festival.
      We now have five tall ships signed for the event, the Tecumseh, Royaliste, True North, Solstice Moon and Empire Sandy. Four of the five vessels will mount artillery with Empire Sandy being the exception. In addition we have nine
      longboats signed as well.
      Wives and followers who wish to board the tall ships may do so for the Saturday morning bombardment at Sunnyside.The battle at Sunnyside beach will recreate the middle part of the actual Battle of York. The Americans have already landed and are pushing the Crown forces back toward the Western battery. The fleet will be bombarding the British forces on shore complete with pyrotechnic explosions. The reason there will be no landing at Sunnyside (the actual landing site) is that concrete barriers in the water make it unsafe for longboats to maneuver.
      After lunch all American forces will board the fleet at Harbour Square Park and set sail for Kew Beach. Here they will board the longboat flotilla and begin the row to shore. On the way the Fleet will commence a bombardment supported by the guns and swivels of the longboats. On shore, pyrotechnic explosions will mark the fall of shot. Once the American Rifles have secured the landing area, the rest of the army will disembark from the longboats. As they are assembling, the Grenadier company of the King's Regiment mounts a spirited bayonet attack pushing them back to their boats. At this point, the fleet opens up again as well as the still concealed Riflemen causing great casualties amongst the Grenadiers. Unable to press home the attack they begin to fall back along with the newly arrived Glengarry Light Infantry.
      Following the battle dinner will be served to all the participants in Kew Gardens. Buses will take everyone back to Fort York to enjoy the Beer tent for the evening. Those wishing to participate aboard the vessels during the Harbour Parade of Lights may do so upon request.

      Sunday afternoon at the Fort we will recreate the final phase of the battle , the defense at the Western battery on Garrison Common outside the Fort. Following the explosion of one of the condemned guns British resistance crumbles and the troops retreat back trough the Fort blowing the magazine as they go.
      We are trying to arrange an opportunity for interested British troops to have a sail on Sunday morning since they are not scheduled to be aboard the ships on Saturday. We will notify you when this is confirmed. The only meal not being provided is Sunday lunch. Those wishing to stay over Sunday night may do so by special arrangement. Barracks space is available for any who require it throughout the weekend.
      To my knowledge there has never before been an amphibious landing from a fleet of tall ships via longboats complete with pyrotechnic artillery effects. Don't miss a re-enactment first!
      Please contact me if you have any questions concerning the event or any special requests etc. We look forward to your participation. See you on July 1.

      Peter Twist


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