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  • Larry Lozon
    Re an E From: JGIL1812@aol.com lheidebrecht@hotbot.com writes: Len, Fortunately, Mr. Lozon wouldn t recognize an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      Re an "E"From: JGIL1812@...

      lheidebrecht@... writes:

      << Oh Larry, how soon you forget us all. >>

      Fortunately, Mr. Lozon wouldn't recognize an officer if
      he saw one and if he saw one he wouldn't know how to
      behave unless he is serving port by God!
      Laughing all the way to the dinner table.
      Captain Jonathan,
      I was under the impression you didn't
      make it to the dinner table, or the Port, as you were last seen
      with a pretty young lady heading for the MOTEL!
      What was her name, or do you remember?
      Supper is on me, Sir.

      and as for you Brother Len,

      ... I will never forget you, ... happy to meet, sorry to part .....

      I have the distinct Honour and Pleasure to Be,
      and Remain, your most Humble and Obedient,

      Lawrence of Kent

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