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missing part from pensacola, Tecumseh posting

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  • Jim Yaworsky
    Oops. Looks like the length of my recent posting on British traders in Pensacola & Tecumseh has offended the gods of Onelist. Here s the missing section: 6)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 1999
      Oops. Looks like the length of my recent posting on British traders in Pensacola & Tecumseh has offended the gods of Onelist. Here's the missing section:

      6) What agency of the British government was co-ordinating this continent-wide attempt to stir the indians up against the U.S.? I'm afraid I find the notion of such a far-sighted and hard-to-coordinate effort a bit much to swallow, given the numerous examples that can be quoted of the unsophistocation of the British administrative machine, the disinterest of the British home government in north american affairs, and, in short, it gives the british governments of the time period far too much credit. Just look at the generally chaotic mess that was the British armed forces: artillery under Ordnance Department, etc. - yet the necessity of fielding an efficient army was far more apparent than putting together an Indian Conspiracy an ocean away.
      7) Is the allegation being made that the british somehow made bricks without straw here i.e. were able to stir the Indians up, when otherwise peace would have reigned between the injuns & the U.S.?
      8) Perhaps Panton etc were able to operate out of spanish territory because they were willing to become spanish citizens if necessary, & I wonder if large sums of money passing in to the hands of the Spanish governor etc. also played a part?

      I would like to thank Scott for bringing this whole fascinating issue to the table. I would appreciate some idea of any other books that Scott or anyone else on the list feels are worth reading on the Creek War. I would also say that all my questions above are based on very general knowledge & very broad speculation on my part, so I expect many of them are going to turn out to be oversimplifications or just plain wrong! But those of us of the North who fancy ourselves knowledgeable about the War of 1812, but who know little or nothing about the Red Stick struggle in the South, are missing some really important - and fascinating - aspects of the overall war.
      Re: more on Tecumseh:
      Scott: ( on tecumseh) I agree that he had his own agenda but, while not an official of the
      British Government, that goverment bears some responsibility for helping to
      create Tescumseh; What I mean to say is that the British knew Tecumseh's
      veiws, yet made an ally of a man who went through the Southern US preaching
      "Let the white race perish! burn their dwellings - destroy their stock -
      slay their wives and children that the very breed may perish. War now! War
      always! War on the living! War on the dead! Dig their very corpses from
      their graves. The redman's land must give no shelter to a white man's
      bones!" (Source:J.F.H.Claiborne's reconstruction from eyewitness accounts)
      Jim: The british government did nothing to "create" Tecumseh. When attacked by the U.S., they allied themselves with him. A smart move, as things transpired. [back to original posting]
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