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  • Annette and Lloyd Gower
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      Subject: battle again

      > Spirits of the North Historical Club
      > Present
      > The Battle for Michigan Territory
      > 1812
      > The Spirits of the North Historical and
      > Educational Association is hosting an 1812 battle
      > August 5,6 2000 . It will be two miles west of the
      > city of Mackinaw City, Michigan on Central Ave, and
      > then 200 yds south to the property known as the
      > headlands. On Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon of
      > each day there will be a prolonged 1812 battle
      > simulating what might have taken place between the
      > British and American forces in the opening clash of
      > the war of 1812.
      > The overall battlefield commander is to be General
      > Timothy Pickles as in 1999, and Colonel Chuck Kibby is
      > the 1812 committee Chairman.Major Holmes, Wendell
      > Hoover, will bring reinforcements Sunday to carry the
      > field for the Americans .. Major Boisineau is the
      > Native American commander. Captain Lloyd Gower is to
      > be the American battlefield commander ..
      > Many of our reenactor guests suggested they were not
      > worked enough on the battle field last year. The
      > plan for 2000 is to move cannon about the field to a
      > reasonable extent, and to have the infantry and
      > riflemen shoot their cartridge boxes empty. The
      > British troops will push the Americans off the battle
      > field at the point of the bayonet. The Americans will
      > counter attack, only to be pushed away a second time.
      > Native American forces will overcome an American
      > cannon crew allowing British commanders to turn the
      > American left, a key point in the battle . Native
      > American forces of both sides will attack infantry
      > along flanks and withdraw into the woodlines.
      > The battle is designed to allow the reenactor to be
      > entertained in his involvement and not just designed
      > for public viewing. The battle field is very exciting,
      > about a 1/4 mile square for us to play on. The entire
      > property is about 4200 ft x 4200 ft, for parking,
      > traders, and bleachers.
      > CHUCK KIBBY 231 352 -4943 OR law@...
      > for questions and registration.
      > DAVE GAUNT 231 536 -2748 OR dsg@...
      > for merchant and trade fair information.
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