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Impressions of Longwoods

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  • Larry Lozon
    This is an E from a Virgin Re-enactor! ... Subject: Impressions of Longwoods Longwoods was my first re-enactment event as a participant, and I did enjoy it.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2000
      This is an "E" from a Virgin Re-enactor!
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      Subject: Impressions of Longwoods

      Longwoods was my first re-enactment event as a participant,
      and I did enjoy it. I guess the air of mild confusion is part of the
      scene. Jim and Dave Legebow were very patient with a new draft, and for
      a complete, non-historical surprise, the British/Canadians won the day, and
      the crowd seemed to enjoy it.
      I must say that the trio of 41sters guarding the lone cannon on a knoll
      on the right flank of the British line, saved the day!!!!! We were
      faced by about nine or so US irregulars and Natives, but they did not
      attack (that would have been a different story). Instead they kept their
      All in all, I had a good time, and I am sure will survive to fight
      Ray Hobbs
      41st Regt.
      Ray is the newest member of the 41st Regiment of Foot Military Living History Group which is commanded by our Moderator Jim Yaworsky with headquarters in Windsor Ontario (for you around the globe) that is right across the river from Detroit Michigan, although Ray lives in Hamilton, Ontario, which is at the Western end of Lake Ontario. Ray is also a subscriber to the 1812 Onelist.

      Ray's comments awoke memories of my first event and the excitement
      of the day . Do you remember your first?!?!?

      Many Huzzah's to the 1st Regt. of Foot (Royal Scots) on their presentation of the Battle of Longwoods near London Ontario Canada. The weather was great, the camaraderie was superb and the medical report was that all cases of Winter Cabin Fever has been cured! Hats off the Steve Hartwick, London Ontario commander of the British Forces and Rob Trumbull, Toledo Ohio, commander of the American Forces. Re-enactors from Ontario, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana attended. Even though the choreography of the Saturday battle rewrote history the news media didn't attend till Sunday so the battle they saw was correct to history with the American Forces the victor and Southwestern Ontario being territory under the rule of President Madison of the USA!

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