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Ogdensburg War of 1812 Heritage Talks

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  • Michael whittaker
    Ogdensburg War of 1812 Heritage Talks; grand champion     The Fort La Présentation Association’s War of 1812 Heritage Talks April 25-26 offer two distinct
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      Ogdensburg War of 1812 Heritage Talks; grand champion
      fiddler, speakers, exhibits, videos
      The Fort La Présentation Association’s War of 1812 Heritage Talks April 25-26 offer two distinct historical experiences; a traditional fiddle concert Friday evening and a Saturday slate of speakers  exhibits and videos, at the Freight House, 20 Market Street, Ogdensburg, NY.
      New York Grand Champion Fiddler Don Woodcock performs a wide selection of War of 1812 era jigs, reels and ballads at 7 p.m. Fri., April 25. Children accompanied by an adult enter free to this family friendly concert. Adults of 18 years and older pay the $5 admission at the door. There will be door prizes.
      The first-rate Sat., April 26 line-up of seven speakers, eight exhibits, two authors and two documentaries has graduated fees; $30 for students, $50 for educators, state historians and Fort Association affiliates, and $60 for the broader public.
      Advance registration is requested for Saturday’s program. The charges include a continental breakfast and a buffet lunch. Some local motels offer discounts to participants.
      A comprehensive list of presentations, along with the graduated fees and registrations forms, is at www.fort1749.org Contact 315-394-1749 or fort1748@.... Facebook: War of 1812 Heritage Talks.
      Dennis McCarthy
      (The US Navy Support of the Wilkinson Campaign and the Battle of French Creek) from Cape Vincent, NY is an amateur archaeologist, historian and diver who authored Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands.
      David Murray
      (The American Infantry Uniform from 1811 to 1815), Morristown, NY, has researched and recreated American military uniforms for more than 20 years. He is an experimental archaeologist, creating then testing the durability of period clothing.
      Bryan Thompson
      (Lt. Col. Thomas B. Benedict, the Accidental Commander of the St Lawrence County Militia) the municipal historian for the town of DeKalb, NY, received a Hackman research fellowship to study the life of Lt. Col. Benedict.
      Ralph Eshelman M.A.
      (The British Campaign in the Chesapeake) is a heritage consultant living in Lusby, MD. He is the co-author with Burton K. Kummerow of In Full Glory Reflected: Discovering the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake.
      Gregory Kloten
      M.A. (Captain George Howard United States Army: The Chronicles of a Connecticut Yankee on the Northern Frontier of the War of 1812) from Wethersfield, CT teaches American and World history at Capital Community College in Hartford.
      Horst Dresler
      (The Canadian Voltigeurs and the Battle of Chateauguay) a Canadian, resident and business owner in Woodstock, VT is an author, a re-enactor for three decades, and event organizer for more than 10 years.
      Richard Feltoe
      (The Upper Canada Militia in Peace and War, 1808-1816) from Brampton, Ontario is the Curator and Corporate Archivist for Redpath Sugar Ltd. in Toronto. He is the author of seven books on the War of 1812 and a longtime re-enactor.
      John Austin
      St. Lawrence County in the War of 1812 Folly and Mischief. The book recounts battles and skirmishes, and the fascinating North Country characters that influenced them. St. Lawrence County played a divided role. The region shared the border crossed by close personal and business associations. Mr. Austin is a retired teacher living in DeKalb.
      Hope Irvin Marston
      Sackets Harbor Powder Monkey: The War of 1812. Eleven-year-old Rankin McMullin has joined the brig Oneida. As a powder monkey his job is to carry gunpowder to the guns. Social Studies teachers will find this book useful in sharing a bit of neglected history with their students. Ms. Marsden from Black River has written a number of books for young readers.
      Pike's Cantonment
      a temporary military camp along the Saranac River, housed more than 2,000 American soldiers during the winter of 1812-13. The location remained a mystery until 2011 when archaeology confirmed the presence of the encampment. The cantonment was abandoned in the spring when troops were ordered to Sackets Harbor. Dr. Tim Abel, Lead Archaeologist
      Sackets Harbor
      became the center of American naval and military activity for the upper St. Lawrence Valley and Lake Ontario. In an attempt to destroy the American shipyard, a British-Canadian force launched an attack May 29, 1813. The Americans drove off the enemy, but a fire that destroyed their military stores marred their narrow victory. Constance Barone, Site Manager
      St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc.
      will have posters telling the story of underwater archeology activities on the US side of the Thousand Islands. A media player will show slides and video of the archeology projects. Maps, drawings and booklets on display cover subjects from French and Indian War to 19th-century commercial sailing. There will be information on Site Registration programs with New York State Historic Preservation Office. Kathi McCarthy, Historian
      The Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg houses a comprehensive collection of Remington’s paintings, sketches and sculptures. David Parish, an early developer in St. Lawrence County and a prominent player in the shipping and lumber industry, built the main building in 1810. Parish opposed the War of 1812. Laura Foster, Director/Curator
      In The Age of Sail the Royal Navy and the American Navy, whether on the oceans or the Great Lakes were almost identically equipped from ship design to armaments to the food and stores. Get the feel of life aboard a fighting vessel without the risk of seasickness. Fritz Steele, Heritage Interpreter
      War of 1812 Re-enactment Photography
      is as close as many people get to the fog of war and the confusion of battle. The captured moments of advancing troops, artillery fire and poignant instances give a certain intimacy to a war and battle. The photographs were shot at re-enactments in the St. Lawrence Valley since 2012. Helen Mott, Professional Photographer
      The Dunvegan Pioneer Museum
      is a small village capturing the early years of Ontario’s Glengarry County settled by Loyalists and immigrant Scot. The Regiment of Glengarry Fencible Infantry and the Glengarry Militia were active locally and across what is now Ontario and into New York during the War of 1812. Jim Mullin, Re-enactor
      Regency Quilting
      is not like your grandmother’s crazy and patterned quilts, so well known today. The Sisters of Perpetual Needling will be working a period design on a traditional quilting frame with a display of contemporary examples of period fabrics and photos of antique quilts from museums around the world. Christine Nicholson & Therese Whittaker, Heritage Interpreters
      "Losing Ground: The Race to Preserve War of 1812 Battlefields in New York State" produced by WCNY Syracuse, New York, and
      "A Desert Between Us & Them: Raiders, Traitors, and Refugees in the War of 1812" concerns the American ‘scorched earth’ of Southwestern Ontario. Produced by the Living History Multimedia Association, Brantford, Ontario.
      Michael Whittaker
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