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more on the Battle of Lundy's Lane

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  • Rob Taylor
    Hello all: I thought I would pull out my copy of Merry Hearts Make Light Days and read Lieutenant John Le Couteur s account of what happened on that July
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 1999
      Hello all:
      I thought I would pull out my copy of "Merry Hearts Make
      Light Days" and read Lieutenant John Le Couteur's account of what
      happened on that July 25th night. On p.175 second paragraph from the
      bottom he says," About midnight the whole of the American army
      retired, while we kept the field. As there was a rumour that general
      Brown was coming to renew his attack on our small but victorious army,
      twenty-five hundred to three thousand at most, Lieutenant Colonel
      Drummond made us draw all the dead horses into a line on the crest of
      our postion and, if attacked, to kneel behind them as a breastwork, a
      capitol one it would have proved". Donald E. Graves "Where Right and
      Glory Lead" p. 182 at the top Drummer Jarvis Hanks, 11th Infantry U.S.
      Army says" This memorable battle closed, by apparent consent of both
      armies. They retreated from the scene at the same time, weary and
      exausted". But Graves says on the previous page p.181 at the bottom
      "Major General Jacob Brown and the Left Division of the United States
      Army had prevailed in the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812". Hmmm?
      I'd be interested in all of your views about this battle.

      Rob Taylor

      War of 1812 Website: http://members.tripod.com/~war1812/
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