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Tall Ships & Wasaga under Siege Coming this Weekend - Register On-line!

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  • David Brunelle
    Tall ShipsR Return to Georgian Bay! Wasaga under Siege A War of 1812 Experience Nancy Island Historic Site August 16th, 17th & 18th, 2013 Building on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2013
      Tall ShipsR Return to Georgian Bay!

      Wasaga under Siege

      "A War of 1812 Experience"

      Nancy Island Historic Site

      August 16th, 17th & 18th, 2013

      Building on the huge success of past Wasaga under Siege events, the Historic
      Military Establishment of Upper Canada in partnership with the Town of
      Wasaga Beach, Ontario Parks, Town of Collingwood and Nancy Island Historic
      Site look forward to hosting you once again from August 16th to the 18th.
      Wasaga under Siege "A War of 1812 Experience" will once again come to life
      as over 300 re-enactors will take part echoing history through the streets
      and waters of Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Nancy Island Historic Site.

      If you have never attended Wasaga under Siege in the past or have been a
      regular for the past decade this year is certainly the one not to miss! As
      part of Ontario's War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemorations the TALL SHIPSR
      1812 Tour, presented by Redpath Sugar will be returning to the shores of
      Nottawasaga Bay as part of Wasaga under Siege 2013. In partnership with the
      port of Collingwood Tall ShipsR LYNX, FRIENDS GOOD WILL and MADELINE will be
      taking part in a sail past along Beach Area 1 & 2 on Friday evening and then
      participating in the planned skirmish re-enactment taking place on the
      shores of beach area two afterwards.

      Saturday's afternoon battle re-enactment event will be changing
      locations as re-enactors will be boarding buses to travel over to
      Collingwood to partake in tactical demonstrations and activities in
      Millennium Park as part of Collingwood's Tall ShipR event and activities.

      Sunday morning re-enactors will also have the opportunity to
      return to Collingwood to board and view the Tall ShipsR as bus
      transportation will be provided there and back.

      We have put together a great weekend for re-enactors and
      spectators alike! Re-enactors will enjoy a safe Grand Encampment area on
      Historic Nancy Island, water, food, entertainment, drinks, souvenir and 4
      battles including river battles will also take place. Battles will be
      fought all over the town of Wasaga Beach and Collingwood with Tall ShipsR,
      parading, pillaging, cannons, muskets, longboats and voyageur canoes. We
      will be using all our talents and proven Wasaga under Siege 1812 hospitality
      to make sure all re-enactors & participant's alike feel welcomed and
      satisfied that it was worth the trip.

      Wasaga Beach, Ontario as many of you already know host the longest
      fresh water beach in the world and attracts thousands of tourist each day to
      its beaches and attractions. Re-enactors and their families will have the
      opportunity to enjoy the historical components of the event as well as the
      beach and modern attractions such as shopping, restaurants, waterslides,
      midway, paintball and other attractions to numerous to mention.

      Merchants, blanket traders and artisans are welcomed free of
      charge and we have a great musical line-up for the evening hospitality tent
      on Friday and Saturday.

      All re-enactors who portray any aspect of the War of 1812 are
      welcomed to participate. They include - British and American Regulars or
      Militia, Navy Personnel, Cannon Crews, Natives, Voyageurs and Men, Women &
      Children civilians.

      Sunday morning also features the Alex Montgomery Memorial Iron-man
      and Iron-women contest that has proven to be a popular event not only to
      participate in, but to watch as well, with prizes going out to the winners.

      We have a brand new website so please take a look and if you are
      registering on-line please register individually or as an immediate family
      unit. No group registrations will be accepted unless pre-approved. This
      gives us a more accurate number for logistics, food and actual people
      attending and camping on the island.

      Look forward to seeing everyone!

      David J. Brunelle


      WUS 2003-2013

      <http://www.wasagaundersiege1812.com> www.wasagaundersiege1812.com Tall
      ShipR Information: <http://www.1812bicentenial.com> www.1812bicentenial.com

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