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  • Craig Williams
    Reposting by request. This event is on a Tuesday. I suggest you contact Mike at the numbers provided if you can be of any assistance. Craig Williams ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2013
      Reposting by request.

      This event is on a Tuesday.
      I suggest you contact Mike at the numbers provided if you can be of
      any assistance.

      Craig Williams

      > From: "McAllister, Michael" <Michael.McAllister@...>
      > Greetings All:
      > Just to let everyone know that we are getting some good coverage
      > from the media on theHamilton & Scourge events occurring in
      > September. We have at least one more major media appearance on
      > September 17th which will be a final shout-out on CHCH before the
      > day. CHCH has requested that we have footage or a trailer for the
      > film to show during the tv spot and perhaps on-line.
      > On September 4th the City of Hamilton and the Canadian Coast Guard
      > are hosting the On the Water memorial event which will be held near
      > to the site of the sinking on August 8th 1813. As most of you know
      > the ceremony will form the centerpiece of a film that will be shown
      > on a large LED screen in the Dundurn National Historic site parking
      > lot September 21st . The film will be followed by a male chorus
      > drawn from the Bach Elgar choir and an artistic response to the
      > storm, the sinking and the loss of 53 sailors by the Hamilton Aerial
      > Group. The day is meant to be commemorative but also a celebration
      > of peace between what we think of as Canada and the United States
      > over the last two hundred years and, therefore much of the day will
      > be about family fun, free tours, hands on activities
      > Any other musical acts would be great. Let me know.
      > So far the Castle and Military Museum will be open and FREE which is
      > guaranteed to attract at least 1,000 people to the site alone
      > despite the other publicity. There will be a special military
      > discovery gallery and puppet shows by Studio Babette in the Coach
      > House. Ian Bell and his giant puppets will be also be on hand.
      > I have asked Gill Bibby to put out the call to the reenactment
      > community but any help we can get with that would be awesome. Fritz
      > Steele and Andre Reed are definitely coming on the day, but I would
      > say the more the merrier. Ideally we would like the re-enactors to
      > create a small encampment, provide demonstrations of drill and teach
      > the public. Any other suggestions as to what might be possible will
      > also be received with open ears.
      > It would also be great to have some merchants come out for the day.
      > We will be inviting a host of Hamilton food trucks to join us in the
      > parking lot.
      > It should be a great day that will go rain or shine. Please let me
      > know whether you can join us on the day or help with rounding up
      > reenactors, merchants, or musicians.
      > Cheers, Mike
      > Michael McAllister B.A., M.A.
      > Curatorial Assistant
      > Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology
      > Hamilton & Scourge National Historic Site
      > Tourism & Culture
      > Planning & Economic Development
      > City of Hamilton
      > (905) 546-2424 ext 4797
      > Cell (905) 973-0436
      > Love Your City...
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