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1812 Events List update

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  • westhouse03
    List, The Creek Indian War, a war within the War of 1812, events have been added to the War of 1812 Calendar of Events site.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2013

      The Creek Indian War, a war within the War of 1812, events have been added to the War of 1812 Calendar of Events site.

      Thank you.
      Dave Westhouse.

      I wanted to forward you some information on a few 200th Anniversary War of 1812/Red Stick War events taking place in the Mississippi Territory (present day Alabama) this year. I hope you will consider adding them to your list.
      The Fort Mims and Tensaw Country events are annual reenactments. The Massacre at Fort Mims event is the largest annual Red Stick War reenactment. I have also attached a flyer and event registration information for the Holy Ground Reenactment. This will be a one time only, 200th Anniversary, event.
      Of course, if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      March 16-17, 2013 - Tensaw, AL - Fort Montgomery & The Tensaw Country 1813.
      In recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the Red Stick War and the War of 1812, Fort Mims State Historic Site and the Fort Mims Restoration Association will be hosting "Fort Montgomery & The Tensaw Country" - a weekend of living history on the 'near frontier.' US Regulars, Territorial Militia, Civilians, and, of course, Red Stick Warriors are invited to help portray life and conflict during this turbulent period. In addition to a frontier encampment, demonstrations, music, and other activities, there will be daily skirmishes between the Militia and Red Sticks. Event information to be posted soon on the FMRA's website at: www.FortMims.org

      August 30-September 1, 2013 - Tensaw, AL - 200th Anniversary Massacre At Fort Mims 1813.
      This August, Fort Mims will come alive with activity as reenactors from around the country converge for the nation's largest Red Stick War reenactment. Held on the original site, living historians portraying Militia, Civilians, and Red Stick Warriors will recreate the important first engagements of the war including the Battle of Burnt Corn and the Massacre at Fort Mims - one of the largest massacres in American history. Period attired civilians - including women and children - are encouraged to participate in the massacre scenario. Men portraying Red Stick Warriors are particularly encouraged to attend. In addition to the battle reenactments, there will be period vendors, artisans, music, and other activities on site. More information will be posted soon on the FMRA's website at: www.FortMims.org , or you can e-mail the folks at the FMRA for more information.

      December 7-8, 2013 - Lowdesboro, AL - 200th Anniversary Holy Ground 1813: Battle of Econochaca 1813.
      In the late summer of 1813, the Creek Redstick War erupted on the Alabama
      frontier at Fort Mims, at a great loss of life and a great victory for the Redstick
      warriors. By November & December, the US Army and the Choctaw Alliance
      started a march north out of the Mobile Delta with over 1000 men to attack the
      Creek war village Econochaca on the Alabama River at the Holy Ground.
      Please join us for the Battle of the Holy Ground at Holy Ground Battlefield Park
      in Lowndes County, Alabama on December 7th & 8th, 2013. Camps will, once
      again, be erected along the cliffs of the Alabama River for the Creek village of
      Econochaca, the Territorial Militia, the Choctaw Alliance and the 3rd US
      Infantry to help re-tell one of the brave stories of the Creek War that burned
      through our soon-to-be state 200 years ago.
      Period camps and displays will be open to the public both days, with battle
      reenactments at 1:30PM Saturday and 12:30PM Sunday. Park visitors may
      observe the battle from the overlook boardwalk in the park, as the warriors and
      soldiers fight in the woods beneath you.
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