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RE: 1812 Bounty has sunk! A casualty of Hurricane Sandy

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  • Tom Russell
    Having the honor to have served aboard the HMS Bounty once, this is really tragic news for me personally. My heart and prayers go out to my friends-the Crew
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 29, 2012
      Having the honor to have served aboard the HMS Bounty once, this is really
      tragic news for me personally. My heart and prayers go out to my
      friends-the Crew and their families.

      Tom Russell

      Royal Marines


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      Subject: 1812 Bounty has sunk! A casualty of Hurricane Sandy

      Hi Everyone,

      I heard and spoke with Tall Ships America around 7am this morning that the
      Bounty was in trouble and unfortunately she has sunk and a great Tall Ship
      is lost to the ages. She was scheduled to tour the Great Lakes next year as
      part of the War of 1812 Tall Ships Bicentennial tour which of course will
      not be happening now. 14 of the 16 crew have been rescued to date and two
      are still missing with the potential of another person as there seemed to be
      some conflicting news on how many were aboard the ship in total. Either way
      thoughts and prayers go out to the two or three that are still missing and
      that they are rescued. Below is a news article from the Bounty from this

      Also as a note all media and official inquiries to the Bounty and her
      sinking should be directly to Tall Ships America.


      David Brunelle

      Ontario Tall Ship Pan Provincial Co-ordinator - 2013

      At least two crew members of a Nova Scotia-built replica vessel are missing
      after abandoning ship off the coast of North Carolina in high seas brought
      on by Hurricane Sandy.

      Officials with the U.S. Coast Guard told CBC News the 16-member crew of HMS
      Bounty decided to abandon ship after getting caught in 5.5-metre seas off
      Cape Hatteras on Monday.

      All the crew members made it onto two covered life-rafts but only 14 people
      were hoisted onto helicopters, said U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Brendan Selerno. He
      said officials have not yet had the chance to debrief the 14 survivors to
      find out what happened to the two other crew members.

      Selerno said the two missing crew members are believed to be in cold water
      survival suits and life-jackets. He said the air search is being plotted
      based on wind direction and speed, and will be expanded.

      HMS Bounty sank several hours after the evacuation.

      The Coast Guard was originally told 17 people were on the Bounty but only 16
      heat signatures were detected. They now say 16 people were on board. The
      boat's owner says there were 17 people on board.

      A U.S. Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter arrived on scene at
      approximately 6:30 a.m. and hoisted five people from the life-rafts. A
      second helicopter arrived and rescued nine more people.

      Helicopter rescue mission

      The U.S. Coast Guard was contacted on Sunday night after the ship began
      taking on water. A Hercules C-130 aircraft was dispatched to try to get the
      crew to safety.

      "We had a C-130 on scene that was running out of fuel and experiencing a
      little crew fatigue, so we dispatched another C-130 to arrive on scene and
      relieve them," said Petty Officer 1st Class Jordan Campbell.

      The Hercules C-130 remains on the scene in the search for the missing crew
      members. A third MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter is on the way to assist in the
      search effort, said the U.S. Coast Guard.

      Officials with the U.S. Coast Guard said the winds in the area are sustained
      in the 75 km/h range.

      Claudia McCann, whose husband is the captain of the Bounty, said she hadn't
      slept since she received word the ship was taking on water.

      She said her husband, Captain Robin Walbridge, was trying to get around
      Hurricane Sandy en route to Florida.

      "He was just trying to avoid it, skirt it. Skirt through it, skirt around
      it," McCann said Monday.

      "I'm sure he's devastated. Absolutely devastated. But the crew comes first
      and you have to save the crew."

      'Just in case something happens'

      Claudene Christian, whose daughter Claudene is a crew member on the Bounty,
      said her daughter had contacted her before heading out on her journey.

      "She says, 'We're heading out and I just wanted to tell you and dad that I
      love you.' And I said, 'What are you saying that for?' And she said, 'Just
      in case something happens,'" Christian said in a phone interview from

      "She was truly and genuinely happy and loved the Bounty and loved what she
      was doing - and wanted us to know that just in case she went down with the

      The replica of HMS Bounty, which launched in Lunenburg in 1960, was made
      famous in a 1962 movie starring Marlon Brando - Mutiny on the Bounty. It has
      also appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest starring Johnny

      HMS Bounty operated as a sea school and was most recently in Halifax in July
      for the Tall Ships Festival
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