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First Siege 200th Anniversary Event at Fort Meigs, May 3-5, 2013

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    First Siege 1813 Bicentennial Event On May 3-5, 2013, War of 1812 re-enactors from the U.S. and Canada will commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the First
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      "First Siege 1813 Bicentennial Event"
      On May 3-5, 2013, War of 1812 re-enactors from the U.S. and Canada will commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the First Siege of Fort Meigs by recreating authentic military camps and tactical demonstrations from 1813. This weekend falls on the 200th anniversary of the bloodiest day of fighting at Fort Meigs. The emphasis of this major event is highlighting the military structure, formations, tactics, and camp life that occurred in 1813 when Fort Meigs was under siege as well as telling the story of Fort Meigs' role in the War of 1812. This will be accomplished through self-guided camp tours, musket and cannon demonstrations, battle re-enactments, hands-on activities, lectures, and more.

      This will be a major event for the fort and we have planned many additional activities including:
      Friday, May 3rd:
      • An educational day on Friday with re-enactors representing U.S., Native American, and
      British forces
      • A Friday night artillery duel across the Maumee River

      Saturday & Sunday May 4th – 5th:
      • Living history encampments of U.S., Native, and British Allied forces
      • Re-enactments of historic fighting tactics used during the First Siege of Fort Meigs, including ground charges
      • Speakers throughout the weekend on a range of topics dealing with Fort Meigs and the
      War of 1812 in the Great Lakes
      • Historic fashion shows and talks on clothing of the time period
      • Sunday: A memorial ceremony to British Allied casualties and historical marker dedication (41st Regiment of Foot marker) at the ruins of Fort Miamis (British HQ during the first siege) followed by a memorial ceremony for the soldiers of Dudley's Defeat at the Maumee Public Library.
      • Historical interpretive programming throughout the weekend at Fort Miamis and Fallen Timbers National Battlefield in partnership with Toledo Metropolitan Park District
      • A ladies tea program with hands-on activity
      • The "1813 Patrol" scenario which lets guests become part of a patrol and involved in an ambush
      • Period music and entertainment
      • A new display of artifacts never before seen at Fort Meigs including muskets, a piece of the Brig Niagara, and a letter seal captured from General Henry Procter at the Battle of the Thames
      • Traveling exhibit from the Canadian War Museum
      •Traveling exhibit on Ohio Militia Uniforms through time

      Just for re-enactors
      • A period military ball on Saturday night with refreshments and our two War of 1812 beers crafted by the Maumee Bay Brewing Company.
      • Commemorative challenge coins to participants and a special edition newspaper of the anniversary event
      • Meals provided for participants all weekend

      We hope that everyone will entertain participating in our event. We are looking for folks to help with our Friday education day. Those who do can set-up camp on Thursday. Meals will be provided for those who help with the education day. Registration reminders will be coming soon and on-line registration will begin this winter. For more information on the event please contact Dan Woodward, programs manager, at dwoodward@..., Rick Finch, director, at rfinch@..., or Tamia Land, president of ONMHA, at land1812@... The fort's land line is 800-283-8916
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