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  • bertusvdebruijn
    Hi everyone, I m glad to have found and joined this list :-) A bit about me: I m an IT consultant in Ottawa, Canada, who is also launching a very special
    Message 1 of 174 , Sep 4, 2012
      Hi everyone, I'm glad to have found and joined this list :-)

      A bit about me: I'm an IT consultant in Ottawa, Canada, who is also launching a very special project which I imagine will be of great interest to a number of you. It is called WikiWar, and we intend to animate war history in Google Earth. You can get a good idea about the project here:


      I myself am not a reenactor, but I would very much like to correspond with some of you. I think reenactors will not only find the WikiWar project to be quite intriguing, but it can help make your own reenacting efforts even more authentic and rewarding. Plus, I think that many of you have a great deal to potentially contribute to the project to the benefit of everyone interested in the war.

      While my main interest in launching WikiWar pertains to WWII, the Canadian government has a strong interest in the war of 1812, strong enough to award grants ;-) So, I'm in the process of applying for a grant to animate the entire War of 1812 in Google Earth. As part of the grant application, I need to include letters of support and/or participation, and it would be great if some reenactors could pledge their support.

      What form would your participation take? Well, it could involve any or all of the following:

      • Creating a WikiWar contributor profile and identifying yourself as a reenactor
      • Uploading digital copies of primary sources
      • Plotting time-stamped geographic locations of the units and people you know on the project map
      • Helping create animations of the logistical movements of units
      • Helping create animations of the battles with which you are familiar and/or reenact
      • Collaborating with fellow project participants
      • Overseeing contributions from other participants
      • Posting a link to your WikiWar contributions on your own website
      • Sharing your WikiWar involvement at reenactment events

      My initial Expression of Interest to Heritage Canada for WikiWar 1812 was successful, so now I'm in the process of completing the full application and need to submit it by the end of the month. We have a complete team of professional programmers and designers ready to roll.

      If this project sounds like anything you would be interested in, I am quite happy to draft a letter of participation for you that you can edit as you see fit. I'd just need it back, signed and scanned, in the next week or so to ensure it is included in the submission.

      What do you get out of it besides involvement in an exciting project? Well, every pledge of participation in the project brings it that much closer to being funded. If it isn't funded, I'll still be animating the War of 1812 at some point, but that could be years from now. With funding, we'll be kicking off the official project site as early as this coming March. So every pledge counts!

      Anyway, do check out the WikiWar website and see how it could be helpful to you. As the project ramps up, I'll be posting interesting tidbits here that will be of interest to reenactors. Cheers!


      Bertus V. de Bruijn
      3Source Inc.
      Animating War History in Google Earth
    • Jim & JoAnn Gallen
      Jim, Welcome to the group? We will look forward to your posts. Jim Gallen ... From: To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com Subject: 1812
      Message 174 of 174 , Dec 19, 2013
        Welcome to the group?  We will look forward to your posts.
        Jim Gallen

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        To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: 1812 Introduction
        Date: 18 Dec 2013 22:03:14 -0800


        Hello all,


        My name is Jim Whitley. I'm a longtime reenactor from Charlotte, North Carolina, but new to 1812. My home is the 12th Infantry, a new regiment forming in the mid-Atlantic. I appreciate being allowed to join and hope to absorb much of your collective wisdom in the months ahead.



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