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Re: [WarOf1812] can anyone help this person?

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      << So did the event in sact happen?
      Len >>
      In sact it did!

      From the reference, the Dauntless in 1815, would have been a part of the
      North American Squadron centred out of Halifax. The action occurred off the
      eastern shore of the Chesapeake near Cambridge on Feb 7, 1815 when the ship's
      longboat which was returning from a raid, ran aground. Stuck, it was quickly
      frozen in place and remained there through the night. The next morning,
      American militia used a mound of ice to get within a short distance and
      opened fire. This caused the surrender of the boat and crew.

      Such raids of farms and communities were a common feature of the War on the
      Chesapeake. Local historians estimate that there are between 120-150 sites
      along the shores of the bay where British intervention took place. The Royal
      Navy kept a presence and blockade of the Chesapeake from Feb 1813 until Feb

      Royal Marines
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