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Re: can anyone help this person?

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  • Len Heidebrecht
    So did the event in sact happen? Len -- ... HotBot - Search smarter. http://www.hotbot.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 3, 2000
      So did the event in sact happen?

      On Fri, 3 Mar 2000 00:18:49 easeufe wrote:
      >From: easeufe@...
      >In a message dated 3/2/00 4:48:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, scottj@...
      ><< > We are attempting to find out what type of sailing
      > >vessel the HMS Dauntless was.
      > >>
      >The following is listed for HMS Dauntless:
      >"DAUNTLESS,18. (18O8 Deptford. Sold 1825) 18O9 Lieut. WHITMAN. He died on the
      >African station. 181O Daniel BARBER, 2/5/1O, African station. 1811 ditto,
      >Sheerness for Cork. 1812 ditto, Cork. 1814 ditto, Spithead for Newfoundland.
      >1815 ditto, Halifax. 1816-17 Portsmouth. 1818- (24-gun) Capt. Hon. Valentine
      >GARDNER, 11/18, fitting out for the East Indies."
      >Since it's listed as an 18 during the war and a 24 in 1818, I would venture
      >that it was a ship rigged sloop. The two narratives that I have of the event
      >in question refer to the HMS Dauntless as a frigate and a brig respectively.
      >I have responded offline to Mr Brannock.
      >Ed Seufert
      >LCpl/Royal Marines
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