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The Battle of Queenston Heights, October 2012

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  • Jim
    Hello Folks Below is the basic information for the event in October that you can find on visit1812.com. This event involves three locations and you are welcome
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      Hello Folks

      Below is the basic information for the event in October that you can find on visit1812.com.

      This event involves three locations and you are welcome to participate at all three sites. If you have made arrangements with any of the organizers, please still fill out the registration at www.visit1812.com/events/queenston-registration.html

      Unit/group commanders can fill out one registration and updates are welcome as the committee will also provide information updates as the date approaches. Individual registration from unit members is not necessary.

      If you do not belong to a unit, you 'are' your own unit commander. In either case, please read the entire registration form before submitting.

      On behalf of the Committee, thank you for your interest, and patience, as we all prepare for this important event.

      Jim Hill

      BATTLE OF QUEENSTON HEIGHTS October 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2012.

      This is for reenactors and merchants portraying the War of 1812. A committee has been formed to organize the commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of this battle.

      The event will involve three locations: Lewiston, New York; Niagara-on-the-Lake (Fort George) and Queenston Heights, Ontario. You are welcome to participate at all three locations. On-line Registration can be found at www.visit1812.com/events/queenston-registration.html

      LEWISTON, New York Thursday October 11th, reenactors are invited to arrive at the Artpark entrance on the Lewiston Plateau at Portage Road and Seneca Street.
      There will be an educational program for students on Friday Oct 12th followed by a bombardment and fireworks on Friday evening. For those who sign-in at the camp on Thursday evening, there will be a $50 bounty per costumed reenactor (including men and women, for the first 120 registrants) in addition to a $20 ammunition bounty for those with working muskets. Bounties will be paid in cash on Saturday evening between 7-9pm. For artillery, transportation costs for approved cannons will be provided, and powder will be distributed at no cost onsite. Free food will be provided throughout, starting Thursday evening until Noon Sunday. Free transportation to and from Queenston Heights, Ontario will be provided on Saturday Oct 13th. Merchants are welcomed and there is no cost to attend, and are asked to provide proper insurance coverage.

      QUEENSTON HEIGHTS, Ontario Friday October 12th there will be an educational program for students and a merchant camp established on the Heights.

      NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ontario Friday October 12th reenactors are invited to set up on Friday evening after 5pm at Fort George. Gun powder will be replaced for muskets and artillery. Food will be provided throughout starting Saturday morning until Noon Sunday. Free transportation to and from Queenston Heights on Saturday will be provided for those not marching to the heights and return transportation for all participants to Fort George in the evening.

      QUEENSTON HEIGHTS, Ontario Saturday October 13th reenactors can start the march from Fort George to the Heights; 10.5 km or 6.75 miles Crown Forces leading. Rest stops for water and snacks at McFarland House (Bus Stop), Brown's Point and Laura Secord Homestead (Bus Stop). Wool socks, foot powder and comfortable footwear strongly recommended. There is a proposed skirmish in the Village of Queenston at Willoughbank, for those not marching. Gunners can set up on the Heights to fire throughout the afternoon. Lunch will be provided on the Heights for all participants from Lewiston and Fort George. At 3pm, the Battle of Queenston Heights will be recreated in Queenston Heights Park. This will include the capture of the Redan gun by US Forces, the death of Brock, skirmishes between Six Nations and US Forces and the arrival of British and Canadian troops. At 5pm, a commemorative service will be held at Brock's Monument. After the ceremony, Brock will be formally taken from the Heights. The day will end with food and fireworks. Again, free transportation will be provided throughout the day for reenactors going to and from Fort George, and at the end of the day for those returning to Lewiston. A formal dinner will be held at the Queenston Heights Restaurant 7:00pm (for pre-paid reservations, please call 905 262-4274)

      NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE Sunday October 14th at Fort George National Historic Site of Canada, you are invited to participate in the recreated funeral of Major General Sir Isaac Brock and Lt Colonel John Macdonell. The event will start at Noon with a funeral procession through the old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort George, where a drumhead service will take place at the Cavalier Bastion, now known as Brock's Bastion.

      Historic Weapons
      The age for handling black powder is 16. All firearms, artillery pieces and implements will be inspected by site staff before they can be used for demonstrations. Copies of the sites' Safety Rules will be available at the event sites. Please ensure all unit members are aware of these safety rules.
      Any cannon barrel under 3' or 90 cm in length and with a carriage with less then 2' or 60cm of clearance, unless designated a mortar or howitzer, cannot be guaranteed a spot in the artillery lines. If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE contact Lee Simonson in New York http://historiclewiston.org/contact.html or Jim Hill in Ontario jhill@... .

      Please fill out the General Information Section if you are attending. If you are staying at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, please follow the red route and if you are staying in Lewiston, New York please follow the blue route. Merchants interested in staying on Queenston Heights follow the green route.

      General Information For All Participants

      UNIT, GROUP or MERCHANT NAME:___________________________
      Name of Unit Commander/ Safety Officer/ Contact Person:

      Unit Commander/ Safety Officer/Contact Person Mailing Address:


      Phone # _______________E-mail: _____________________________

      The number, type and area required for tents including rope lines



      Number of infantry/muskets ____ musicians ___ officers___
      camp followers (adults ___ , children 12 & over ___ children under 12__)

      Will your unit be attending the Queenston Heights Restaurant Dinner Saturday 13th October 2012 at 7:00 pm, $60.00 per person
      Number of Participants _____(for pre-paid reservations, please call 905 262-4274)

      ARTILLERY / # and TYPES:

      Insurance Company and Policy Number:

      Do you require any special arrangements?:



      Again - Participants can camp in Lewiston New York at Academy Park or Fort George National Historic Site of Canada.
      Merchants and sutlers can camp on Queenston Heights or in Lewiston.
      Firewood and straw will be provided. Free Food and Beverages will be provided to participants starting Thursday evening to Sunday in Lewiston; Saturday & Sunday at Fort George and Queenston Heights. (This does not include VIP events or the Queenston Heights Restaurant Dinner)


      Your group is staying in Lewiston New York? Indicate which nights.
      Thursday Night_____ Friday Night______ Saturday Night_______

      Will your group be assisting with Education Day in Lewiston Friday October 12th
      Number of participants ___ What will you be demonstrating?__________________

      Large cannons will be required for the Bombardment of Canada Friday evening October 12th. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and gun powder replaced.
      Number of cannons ________ (Please provide details in the artillery section )

      Will your group be assisting with the VIP Sponsor Reception Overlooking the Bombardment of Canada Friday evening October 12th?
      Number of participants____
      How can you assist (color party, honor guard, music)?______________________

      Will your group be crossing the border to participate in the Battle of Queenston Heights?
      Number of Participants ______

      Will your group require bus transportation to and from Queenston Heights on Saturday Oct 13. (Passports or enhanced drivers licenses will be required)
      Number of participants requiring transport _________

      More information can be found at www.historiclewiston.org/battleofqueenstonheights or contact Lee Simonson, 716-754-8414

      Your group is staying at Fort George? Indicate which nights.
      Friday_____ Saturday_____

      Will your group be assisting with the Special Education Day on Queenston Heights Friday October 12th
      Number of participants _____

      Will your group be marching from Fort George to Queenston Heights on Saturday October 13th?
      Number of Participants _____

      Will your group require bus transportation to and from Fort George to Queenston Heights on Saturday October 13th?
      Number of Participants travelling To the Heights by Bus____ Return _____

      Will your group be assisting with Brock's Funeral at Fort George Sunday October 14th
      Number of participants_______

      More information can be found at www.friendsoffortgeorge.ca or contact Erika Alexander of the Friends of Fort George admin@... 905 468-6621

      Merchants are required to provide proof of insurance for your business. Such proof can be provided by your insurance agent or your military unit's insurer. Please note that regular re-enactor's insurance specifically excludes commercial activities – for your own protection, as well as the protection of the site and your customers, please ensure that you do have proper coverage. Merchants must be in period costume and use period tents. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an application from any party, for any reason, at their sole discretion.

      Payment for Merchant Space:

      All merchant spaces must be paid upon your arrival. The cost per merchant on Queenston Heights is CDN$40.00.
      Set Up:
      Please provide detailed information in the section for tent space found above.
      You may set up during the following times on Queenston Heights:
      - Thursday, October 11, after Noon.
      There will be limited security on Thursday evening.
      - Friday, October 12, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am and 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm
      - Saturday, October 13, before 8:00 a.m

      Tear Down:
      You may begin moving out as soon as the event closes at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday October 13th or wait until Sunday morning. We ask that you are off the site by Noon on Sunday, October 14th.

      Merchant Space Rentals:
      The space that you have rented is for your company or group only. Each merchant's space will be indicated by stakes and twine according to the measurements you provide. Please strictly observe these markings and please work with your neighbours to ensure that these boundaries are respected.

      Items Offered for Sale:
      Please help us in maintaining the quality of this event by displaying and selling only items that are historically accurate and/or relate to the 1812 period. If you are asked by designated staff to remove an inappropriate item please comply. If you chose not to maintain 1812 period merchant status you will be asked to leave the event and invoiced as a modern vendor. The fees for modern vendors start at $300.00.

      The sale of any item acquired by archaeological excavation or pirated copies are strictly prohibited.

      Parking: is located 250 metres from the merchant area.

      Modern Camping: Modern camping is not available on Queenston Heights for this weekend.

      The following will be provided for the weekend:
      - Potable water will be available at the site.
      - Firewood is available all weekend for merchants.
      - Public washrooms and portapotties are available on site 24 hours a day.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please contact merchant co-ordinator Susan Spencer at 905-525-6303 or info@..., or Jim Hill Niagara Parks Commission 905 353-5442 or jhill@...
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