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Re: Re-enactors and 1812 in Magazines

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  • Jim
    Thanks Rob I have seen both, and in both the photographers had an interesting take on the hobby. The look on Mike Jansen s face (I don t want to speak for
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2012
      Thanks Rob
      I have seen both, and in both the photographers had an interesting 'take' on the hobby.
      The look on Mike Jansen's face (I don't want to speak for you Mike) would appear to be saying, 'Why are you taking my picture while I'm having a smoke and a bottle of water before the site opens?' The young photographer attended many events last year and must have taken hundreds, if not a few thousand, pictures. She included a couple of great shots but also chose some candid shots for Canadian Geographic. National Geographic used 1860's photographic technology but included porta-potties. 'Juxtapositioning' I guess?!

      There are a large number of reporters, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers etc, who seem to have very interesting perspectives on 1812. The article about the Living History Conference in the Globe and Mail quoted Alan Taylor almost exclusively but the reporter didn't bother interviewing the historians actually in attendance. He quotes from John Grodzinski's and Ray Hobb's lectures but that's about it. If he was in Grade 8 history class, would he pass?
      Recently, we had someone wanting to pose an 1812 British soldier with a submachine gun(?!)

      I think they are trying to bring in modern readers or viewers but it seems unnecessary to explain that someone from Toronto or Cleveland would drive a modern vehicle to a reenactment or that we don't generally dig latrines at events and haul drinking water directly from the Niagara River.

      I also think some of the folks on this list should be providing the pictures and articles for these themed publications. I think I might try my hand at exploring the life of a reporter by taking candid shots of their lives.

      Perhaps this summer you will be asked to compare 1812 with Afghanistan or F-35's with warships on the Great Lakes. Perhaps we could have an 1812 marine piloting an F-35 because that would make perfect sense and interest modern readers who might think that stealth fighter jets were used in War of 1812 naval engagements.

      My two or three, maybe four, cents.

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      > Hello All:
      > Just wanted to give those interested a head's up regarding our hobby and history in recent magazine issues.
      > Rob McGuire
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