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Re: Forty First Regiment's Important Day

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    ... However the leeks are to be eaten raw. P**
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2000
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      >From: Raymond Hobbs <ray.hobbs@...>
      >I can't let this day go by without wishing all members of the 41st Regt.
      >a Happy St. David's Day! This is the Regiment's day, and also the day
      >of the patron saint of the land of my birth.
      >Leek soup for supper I guess,
      >Ray Hobbs
      >41st Regt. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Garrison

      However the leeks are to be eaten raw.


      >The 41st Regt. now the Royal Welch Regiment, (yes spelling is correct)
      >and in their Mess traditions they have any new members or guests go through a
      >'Leeking Ceremony'. History says they are to stand on their chairs, one foot on
      >the table, glass in one hand and a "leek" in the other.......the rest is cloaked
      >in mystery, so you will have to visit the 41st's Mess or the Real guys over-ome
      >to find out the rest.
      >Huzzah to The 41st Regiment of Foot, the guys who saved Canada!
      >Happy St. David's Day, raise your glasses ....................
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