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Fort Norfolk Garrison weekend / Opsail 2012 Norfolk, Va.

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  • vastatenavy
    Good Day To All! The following is repost of an event announcement for any reenacting groups interested: The Fort Norfolk Garrison 1812-1815, in conjunction
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      Good Day To All!

      The following is repost of an event announcement for any reenacting groups interested:

      The Fort Norfolk Garrison 1812-1815, in conjunction with the Army Corp of Engineers and the Norfolk Historical Society, invites your group to attend our commemoration of the Battle of Craney Island in Old Fort Norfolk. This year, in order to participate with Op Sail 2012 and its associated Military Timeline Event, we have moved the date of our commemoration to June 8-10, 2012. Old Fort Norfolk, finished in 1810, provides a unique opportunity for War of 1812
      reenactors to participate in this event.

      Access to the fort has been improved with the construction of a new gate and the assignment of a full time guard to allow entrance and exit to and from the fort. In addition, with Op Sail being such a large event, the Army Corp of Engineers is excited to have reenactor representation inside the historic structure and the many visitors that will bring to it, and therefore will be making access to
      the fort a top priority.
      The fort will be open for arrivals as early as 5 p.m. Friday the 8th.

      Space will be provided for those wishing to pitch tents inside the fort. In addition, the Officer's Quarters and Guard house will be open for those wishing to throw down a bed roll and sleep indoors. Note: the Officer's quarters is air conditioned, the guard house is not. See this web site for a lay out of the fort and to get a look at the buildings http://www.norfolkhistorical.org/fort/
      A refrigerator/freezer is available for the storage of food, however space is very limited so the use will be first come first serve. Porta Johns will be posted around the fort as well. Straw and wood will also be available as needed, and potable water is on hand.

      In order to preserve the archeological integrity of the historic fort, cooking fire pits will not be allowed. However, there will be one area set up with a cooking fire for all to use as needed in a pre-approved location in such a manner as to cause no ground disturbance. In addition, the safe use of braziers will be permitted on a case by case basis in an appropriate outdoor location.
      The Fort Norfolk Garrison and Norfolk Historical Society will also be providing a Saturday evening meal for all reenactors in the fort.

      This event is open to all War of 1812 units; British, American, Independent Company of Foreigners, etc, who would like to attend, who are not otherwise participating as part of the Military timeline event that will be taking place outside the fort on the waterfront. Of course, all groups will be asked to abide by an established black powder policy and safety guidelines.

      Note: NO WALK-ONs permitted. Participants must be a member in good standing of an established War of 1812 reenacting group.

      A schedule of activities will be released at a later date. In general, this will be a static interpretation. Equal opportunities will be afforded to both the American and British units to "tell the story" of their roll in the local battles, as well as the war of 1812 in general, from their unique perspectives.
      And as always times will be allotted to demonstrate the drill and muskets, and if any attend, artillery.
      Note that because of the Op Sail event, public visitation is expected to be large, and Tall Ships and Steel hull ships are expected to be docked along the waterfront including around the fort itself.

      If your unit wishes to attend, please reply to this email by ASAP with
      your unit's name, a contact person, and an email address where the more formal registration packet can be sent to. Send replies to vastatenavy @ verizon.net

      Thanks to all!
      Rob Friar
      Fort Norfolk Garrison 1812-1815
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