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FW: Appointments for 2012: Naval Establishment of the 1812 Crown Forces

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  • larrylozon
    ============================== TO: CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA Naval Establishment Unit Commanders, Please inform your members
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2012
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      " Naval Establishment "

      Unit Commanders,

      Please inform your members

      I am ordered to forward the following

      L. Lozon ~ AdC

      From: Victor Suthren suthren@...

      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      Appointments and Promotions
      As of
      April 1st, 2012

      1. CDR Mark Pergunas is detached to services with His Britannic Majesty's land forces, with affiliation to the Fencible Regiment of Canadian Infantry, for an indeterminate period. The post of Commander St Lawrence division shall remain vacant for the present.

      2. A/CDR Patrick Schifferdecker, Commander Western lakes division is confirmed in the rank of Commander and as Staff Officer (Fleet) of the Establishments.

      3. CDR Peter Rindlisbacher is detached for temporary duty to the southward for a year's absence, and expected to resume his position in 2013. The post of Commander, Lake Erie and Detroit, shall remain vacant for the present.

      4. CDR Thomas Hurlbut, Commander of the Lake Simcoe detachment, now having ownership and command of a sailing vessel and demonstrated effective command of a flotilla of vessels for more than two consecutive years, is hereby `made Post' as Captain, Naval Establishments, with seniority of April 1st, 2012.

      5. CDR Vernon Fairhead, HM Schooner La Revenante, is hereby `made Post' as Captain, Naval Establishments, with seniority of March 15th, 2012.

      6. Commanders Samuel Neale and Colin Burt, of the brigantines Pathfinder and Playfair, and the commanders (to be named) of the brigantines St Lawrence II and Fair Jeanne, are temporarily `made Post' as Captains of the Establishments, with the captain of Fair Jeanne to serve as Flag Captain, and Captain Sam Neale to serve as Vice Commodore for the weekend of July 13th to 15th.

      7. Captain Gill Bibby, Commander, Lake Ontario Station, is confirmed as Naval Establishments Dockyard Commissioner, and is appointed Senior Captain of the Establishments.

      Special Duty Appointments, Niagara-on-the-lake Event

      Dockyard Commissioner and Encampment Commander: Gill Bibby
      Camp Chatelaine: Mrs Andrea Hurlbut
      Commander, Land Forces and Marines: Peter Twist
      Commander, Longboat Flotilla: Thomas Hurlbut
      Event Master Gunner and Battery Commander; Andre Reed
      Event Master Gunner (Boats): Murphy Baruth
      Staff Officer (Fleet): Patrick Schifferdecker
      Event Master-at-Arms: Dale Kidd
      Event Medical Lecturer: Dr William Lee Davis
      Event Drum Major: Ross Flowers
      Historical Lecturer: James Nelson
      Event Boatswain: Colin Wu
      Event Chief Merchant: Sue Spencer
      Event Dance Instructor: Karen Millyard
      Period Music Group: Gin Lane
      Dance Musician: Stephen Fuller
      Ropework Demonstrator: Frank Fox
      Visiting Dance Troupe: Fort York Regency Dancers
      Special Embarked Gun Crews: Royal George
      Event Guests: Jane Austen Society, Costume Society of Ontario
      Squadron berth: Niagara-on-the-lake Sailing Club

      Further appointments to be communicated as required.

      I have the Honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

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