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  • artillerist1813
    Hi Mike! The British Army at Mackinac, 1812-15 (http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/11113666) includes a uniform plate of a couple of the Royal Vets. That at least
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      Hi Mike!
      "The British Army at Mackinac, 1812-15" (http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/11113666) includes a uniform plate of a couple of the Royal Vets. That at least should hint at their jacket facings and other uniform colors, as well as whether they wore tombstone or stovepipe shakos (the latter I think). A company was stationed at Fort Mackinac throughout most of the war. Their captain was so sickly that he was replaced with an officer from the 1/41st at some point. A much smaller number (as few as five men at the Battle of Frenchtown) accompanied Maj. General Henry Procter's Right Division during the campaign of 1813. Most of these men were probably picked up by the Americans along with the many of the 1/41st soldiers at the Battle of Lake Erie or Thames (probably have to check prisoner rolls from both battles to be sure).
      Dan Wilkens

      > trying to get a uniform and kit together to do British 10th Royal
      > Veterans Battalion. I figured since the average age was 47 and I'm 48,
      > I can get a lot of mileage out of this unit! I am looking for any info
      > on the 10th other than the usual google searches and Osprey books. I
      > have e-mailed what I think is a unit that portrays the 10th, but have
      > not heard anything. Is the 10th out there anywhere?
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