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New Book - "A Guide to Winemaking in Early America"

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  • Damian Siekonic
    Privateer Media s latest book A Guide to Winemaking in Early America is a comprehensive look at the winemaking techniques that dominated the world of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2011
      Privateer Media's latest book "A Guide to Winemaking in Early America" is a comprehensive look at the winemaking techniques that dominated the world of winemaking in the 18th and 19th centuries.

      Authors Don Becker and Damian Siekonic have over forty years of winemaking experience between them, and this book details their effort to define the methods, ingredients, processes and flavor profiles of a lost generation of great wines. Written for the hobbyest and professional winemaker alike, this large format paperback book is packed with over 65 color illustrations and technical tables in 100 pages of text.

      The authors chose five wine recipes common to Colonial America and made the wines using both the historical and the modern scientific methods. They then enlisted the assistance of qualified wine judges, all members of the American Wine Society, to determine the differences and nuances between the two. The result provides an amazing insight into how wines tasted over two hundred years ago.

      The book includes:

      Notes on 18th Century Winemaking
      The Winemaking "Starter Kit"
      18th Century Hydrometers
      18th Century Spirit Beads
      Balancing Wine
      Period Airlocks
      Corking & Wiring Bottles
      Scuppernong Wine
      Norton Wine
      Raspberry Wine
      Apple Wine
      Spiced Apple Mead
      Conversion Tables
      How to use Pearson's Square
      A detailed Glossary & Bibliography

      The book was released on November 5, 2011 and can be purchased from Privateer Media for $27.50 plus $4.95 first class domestic shipping. Pennsylvania residents please add 6% sales tax. Details can be found on the Privateer Media website here:

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