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Re: Information RE: Fanshawe Grand Tactical!

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  • westhouse03
    Thanks Penni for the information. I just wanted to confirm something and add an item. Alcohol will not be permitted whatsoever within the barn during the
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      Thanks Penni for the information.
      I just wanted to confirm something and add an item.

      Alcohol will not be permitted whatsoever within the barn during the dance. Anyone with open liquor in the barn will have it taken away from them. There will be no liquor license for that venue. The period tavern will be licensed and you are invited to come there and purchase some very nice Canadian beer at nominal prices. Other than that participants must consume their beverages within their camps.

      The barn will have some great entertainment I am told and it is for a good cause. If you don't want to dance or listen to the show please at least come by and drop a donation into the hat.

      The tavern has always been a great event. This will be the third time running this and thanks to Chris McKay for looking after the details this year, it is a go once again. There will be snacks put out for you to enjoy with your beverage.

      There will be absolutely NO SMOKING within the village proper. Fanshawe is an historical village and it contains a lot of wooden structures. Smoking should be restricted to your camp fire areas.
      Besides, this is where I get up on my soapbox now, when you are walking around in period attire it doesn't look right, stepping back down. Smoke, if you have to, around your fire. If you are seen by village staff you will be asked to butt out.

      Thanks. looking forward to seeing everyone.

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Penelope" <penelopepots@...> wrote:
      For those of you who will be having unit members attending the Grand Tactical at
      Fanshawe Village in London, Ontario, coming up on September 30-October 2, I
      kindly ask you to pass along the following important information.

      There will be some musical entertainment and dancing in the
      Miller barn which is inside the village proper, near the tavern on Saturday
      evening. This is a benefit-fund raising concert/party in support of Dave
      Brunelle and his family to help them offset the costs involved in the care of
      their son at this time.

      Performances by Kabertoss, Hardtack and Harmony, Back Roads and the Zoom
      Daddy's. Shaymus the storyteller is getting in on the act as well.

      We don't have a definitive start and end time as yet but it will be after dinner
      on Saturday evening. Donations of "munchies" for the barn to be shared around
      would be appreciated. We will be "Passing the Hat" and taking donations for Dave
      and his family.

      The period tavern at Fanshawe is going to be open during the event so we are not
      selling alcohol in the barn and due to liquor licenses alcohol probably should
      not come into the barn. This will be a family friendly event - at least until
      the later evening hours! ;)

      If you can offer to bring in munchies or want to help with any of the
      organization of this event please email me at penelopepots(at)rogers.com

      Thanks! See you in Sutler's Row!

      Penelope's Pots
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