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  • James Yaworsky
    Welcome aboard, Jim! re: have been surprised at how little I know about the conflict besides the basics. Best to keep a very open mind - there s a lot of
    Message 1 of 174 , Jul 22, 2011
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      Welcome aboard, Jim!

      "have been surprised at how little I know about the conflict besides the basics."

      Best to keep a very open mind - there's a lot of misinformation floating around about the War of 1812. Even possibly including what you've been told or read about "the basics". There's a lot of myths that have been propagated over the years, some based partly in truth, and even more based on notions of national pride that won't really stand up to impartial analysis... I know I've had my eyes opened on many issues over the years!

      Example: as a Canadian, I was quite surprised to find out that Tecumseh didn't see himself as a loyal subject of the King and probably didn't give two squirts of squirrel doo-doo over whether "Canada" survived. He had more than enough problems of his own to worry about! He was an ally of the British in the same way that the Soviet Union was in WW2 - an ally of convenience, as at the time, his goals and the British goals seemed to be compatible. Yet every school kid in Canada is told that Tecumseh was a great hero who died defending Canada...

      On the other side of the coin (i.e. what seems to be a fairly enduring American myth about the war), the British amphibious force operating on the U.S. eastern seaboard in 1814 - the force that captured Washington, burned the White House, and was repulsed at Baltimore - wasn't trying to recapture the United States for the Crown. It was merely making clear to the American government just how vulnerable American coasts were, with a view to getting a peace treaty negotiated ASAP, on terms favourable to Britain.

      On trying to think of a myth about the war prevalent in Britain, I'm drawing a blank. They barely know this war even happened...

      Jim Yaworsky
    • Jim & JoAnn Gallen
      Jim, Welcome to the group? We will look forward to your posts. Jim Gallen ... From: To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com Subject: 1812
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        Welcome to the group?  We will look forward to your posts.
        Jim Gallen

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        Hello all,


        My name is Jim Whitley. I'm a longtime reenactor from Charlotte, North Carolina, but new to 1812. My home is the 12th Infantry, a new regiment forming in the mid-Atlantic. I appreciate being allowed to join and hope to absorb much of your collective wisdom in the months ahead.



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