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RE: 1812 Fort George in -1 week!!!!

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  • David Brunelle
    Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend Fort George this weekend. We found out two weeks ago that my 8 year old son Joshua
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2011
      Hi Peter,

      I just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend
      Fort George this weekend. We found out two weeks ago that my 8 year old son
      Joshua has Leukemia and we spent two weeks at Sick Kids and just returned a
      few days ago. We now have a medical schedule that we have to follow and I
      have to get caught up on all the things needed to be done for Wasaga under
      Siege the weekend after your event. Good Luck with your event and hopefully
      will be able to attend your next 1812 event. Members of our group will
      still be attending as I have provided the list to you earlier.

      Take Care!

      David J. Brunelle, OCT

      Project Director

      Southern Georgian Bay

      War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee



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      Of Peter Martin
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      Subject: 1812 Fort George in -1 week!!!!

      Hello everyone!

      Well we are less than a week away and it's looking to be great event. The
      mail strike has slowed things down a bit but I have received many
      registrations. If the mail has delayed your registration from arriving do
      not to fear. We will get you sorted out when you arrive. I have had several
      questions asked of me over the past few weeks one of which being the
      schedule. It was supposed to be available on our web page but something went
      wrong. So I have attached it to the end of this posting!! Please note that
      this is the re-enactor copy of the schedule. There will be programming going
      on throughout the day as well handled by the Fort Staff. That being said if
      any re-enactor wants to assist our demonstrations or would like to
      demonstrate something on their own please let us know and I would be more
      than happy to accommodate you. Also, the 11:00 Bombardment is an artillery
      feature. If any infantry would like to participate they are more than
      welcome. This will be discussed during the Unit Commanders meeting the
      morning of.

      Food!!! Breakfast will be provided both days by the Friends of Fort George.
      Lunch will be available for purchase both days (Hamburgers, Hotdogs,
      ect...). For dinner you are on your own. However the Angel Inn does give
      discounts to re-enactors in period kit.

      Poison Ivy: There has been concern about poison ivy. The grounds that we
      have cleared for camping and for demonstrations look to be poison ivy clear.
      The problem areas are in the places we have not cleared, specifically in the
      tree line on the south end of the field. While nothing has been scheduled to
      occur in these areas parents way want to advise their children not to wander
      to far into the brush.

      That's it for now. If you have any immediate concerns please let me know
      otherwise I will see everyone this weekend!!!

      Fort George, July 16/17, 2011
      Schedule of Events (re-enactor copy)

      Friday July 15

      2:00 - 10:00: Registration in Bus parking lot.
      *Late arrivals to register following morning.

      Saturday July 16

      8:00 - Breakfast served inside fort
      9:00 - Unit Commanders briefing (Officers Quarters)
      9:30 - Artillery Safety Inspection
      10:00 - Fort Opens to Public
      10:00 - Infantry Safety Inspection
      11:00 - Bombardment of Fort George (Artillery Feature with some infantry
      Support - East Field)
      1:00 - Music Presentation - Crown Forces Fife and Drum - Officers Quarters
      2:00 - Battle of Fort George (Main Field)
      3:00 - Artillery Demonstration (Fort Staff)
      4:00 - Music Demonstration - Officers Quarters Courtyard (Fort Staff)
      5:00 - Fort Closed to Public
      5:00 - Unit Commanders Meeting in the Officers Quarters
      7:00 - Doors open to public for Evening Tactical
      7:30 - Pre-Show (Fort Staff)
      8:00 - Units in place for Battle
      8:15 - Evening Tactical Begins (Inside Fort)
      8:45 - March past for crowd
      9:00 - Fort Closed to Public

      Sunday July 17

      8:00 - Breakfast
      9:00 - Unit Commanders Meeting
      10:00 - Fort Opens to public
      11:00 - Dedication of 41st colours
      12:00 - Artillery Demonstration (Fort Staff)
      1:00 - Music Demonstration - Crown Forces Fife and Drum
      2:00 - American Push on Butler's Barracks (Main Field)
      2:30 - March past closing remarks and awards ceremony
      3:00 - Camp can start to Tear Down
      5:00 - Site closed to public


      Peter Martin
      Site Supervisor
      Fort George, Parks Canada
      (905) 468 6618
      Peter.martin@... <mailto:Peter.martin%40pc.gc.ca>

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