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Port Dover - June 18 & 19th

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  • tom4141fournier
    Re: Port Dover Event I had the opportunity to visit with Ian Bell of the Port Dover Harbour Museum as well as representatives of the Port Dover Lion s Club. I
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      Re: Port Dover Event

      I had the opportunity to visit with Ian Bell of the Port Dover Harbour Museum as well as representatives of the Port Dover Lion's Club.

      I would like to offer some observations and updates relative to the Port Dover event for June 18th & 19th of this year.

      Largely due to the great show put on by our community last year and the outstanding and respectful behaviour of the same on the Silver Lake site (owned and operated by the Lion's Club); the Lion's Club have stepped up to become fully involved in managing and operating the encampment and battles at Silver Lake. This is a real step forward for the event as it had had grown to the point where it had overwhelmed the small staff and cadre of volunteers associated with the Harbour Museum.

      To accommodate the expected numbers, the camp layouts will once again have the British camp on the lower level or soccer field and the Merchants, Americans and Militias on the higher level.

      The Lion's Club has consented to allow vehicles onto the soccer field for setup and tear down under the assumption that the ground is reasonably dry and stable. IF the ground is soft and vulnerable to damage we may have to hump stuff in Â…just as we would at many other sites. Surely all this rain now means we will have a dry and outstanding season?

      We have asked to be respectful of the fact that the parking lot immediately next to the site is for the Lion's Club Saturday market and is not to be used by re-enactors. For the rest of the weekend, it is to be used by the public. The parking lot for the vet clinic is private parking and not to be used. Parking arrangements will be nearby within walking distance and I have also requested volunteer drivers or a bus to help transport re-enactors.

      All participants will get a coupon entitling them to one free breakfast from a local scout troop who will be on site provided a tasty and inexpensive breakfast all weekend.

      The Saturday market is open from 8:00 a.m. to noon and is a great place for folks to pick up items for their meals at the encampment.

      Water will be available at the Pavilion (they have it fixed!)

      The afternoon battles at Silver Lake will once again incorporate the "back 40" which everyone seemed to enjoy so much with all of the battlefield features that made it such an interesting terrain to work through.

      This year they will also offer a morning skirmish for those interested on the "roadway" that was the battle site for the first years of the event. This does not have to involve all re-enactors, just those units interested in burning off a little more powder.

      The feature battle will once again be the night battle on the town beach.

      This is shaping up to be another excellent event weekend.

      If you have been before, please come back and join us again.

      If you have yet to experience Port Dover, please come out and give it a try! It is rare opportunity to participate in an event set right in the heart of an enthusiastic and hospitable community.

      You can visit the event website and register at:


      Your most humble and obedient Servant,

      Tom Fournier, Captain
      41st Regiment of Foot
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