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Siege of Fort Erie Registration

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    Hello Folks Sorry for the long post. We hope to see you all this summer. Some of the information on our website, oldforterie.com, is from last year as we are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2011
      Hello Folks
      Sorry for the long post. We hope to see you all this summer.

      Some of the information on our website, oldforterie.com, is from last year as we are getting a re-vamped website but the registration system is working and we don't want to wait any longer.

      Please have your unit commander or unit representative fill out the on-line registration form, or print and mail one in.

      We have had a very busy winter at Fort Erie.

      Hope the pioneers and sappers cleaned and sharpened their stores over the winter. The gunners better bring extra drag ropes to haul heavy guns into place.

      After all, this isn't your garden variety battle... this is a Siege.

      Jim Hill

      Dear Reenactor: 18 May, 2011

      Preparations for the 25th Annual Siege of Fort Erie are well underway. The event will take place August 6th and 7th. Please register on-line at www.oldforterie.com. Only one registration per unit is necessary.

      If you cannot register on-line, print and mail to:

      Niagara Parks Commission, The Siege of Fort Erie
      7400 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6T2

      All individual participants must fill out a General Release From Liability Form upon arrival. Check-in and registration available at the Fort Welcome Centre Friday 1pm -10pm & Saturday 9am -12noon.
      To lessen congestion and noise in the camp we have requests:
      One - if there are American units interested in staying in the Fort please let us know; US Regulars, travelling the greatest distance, with a record of past attendance.
      Two - please check-in at the Welcome Centre at the roundabout with site staff and the camp Quarter Masters before setting up tentage.
      Three - we ask reenactors to assist with the Candle-lit tours, please do not participate as unpaying visitors, this would relieve the congestion and shorten the public line up.
      Four - We invite participants to the South Redoubt of the Old Fort for Saturday night merry making. In the evening, the camp is for families and quiet time. Camp must be quiet during Candle-lit tours.

      For our American friends, we would advise you to cross into Canada at: The Peace Bridge, Buffalo / Fort Erie. We will contact Canada Customs in Fort Erie and this letter of invitation should assist your crossing. There is no fee for flintlock firearms crossing the border but they must be declared.

      The age limit for handling black powder is 16. All firearms, artillery pieces and implements will be inspected by site staff before they can be used for demonstrations. Copies of the site's Black Powder rules will be available at the event and on-line. Please ensure all unit members are aware of these safety rules.

      We will be supplying breakfast on both days, straw, firewood, and black powder for artillery only. Participants will receive a 20% discount on items in the Gift Shop and Snack Bar. Please identify yourself at the time of purchase if you or your family are not in period dress. Bottled water and musket ammo will be provided Saturday Evening for participants assisting with the candle lit tours.
      ARTILLERY UNITS - Due to our shrinking battlefield, based on earlier verbal and written advisories, we will be limiting the number of guns on the field. Any cannon barrel under 3' or 90 cm in length and with a carriage with less then 2' or 60cm of clearance, unless designated a mortar or howitzer, cannot be guaranteed a spot in the artillery lines. If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE contact Heather Gorman before packing up with all your kit.

      ------Sunday Prizes------ for the individual travelling the furthest, the most impressive hit on the battlefield and a Sally Port Prize drawn from the Individual Release Forms.

      Looking forward to seeing you this campaign season.
      Heather Gorman
      Manager: Old Fort Erie
      Phone: 905-871-0540
      E-mail hgorman@...


      Merchants, Pedlars, Sutlers, Craftspeople and Musicians are invited to demonstrate and sell their wares at the 25th Annual Siege of Fort Erie.

      The Historic Merchants are required to work in period clothing, in proper period tentage and sell only related items i.e. 1800 - 1815. A separate area will be set aside at the site.

      Historic Merchants are required to pay a fee of $40.00 which is payable at the time of your arrival in the Gift Shop. If you are a craftsperson whose activity is demonstrating only, the fee is waived. However, if you do not meet the period presentation standards, as determined by site personnel, you will be considered a VENDOR and a fee $300.00 will be applied. If there are any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me.

      **PLEASE NOTE** As you are well aware Sutler/Merchant Row has reached capacity. We will assign spaces for your tentage and displays. When registering please indicate the EXACT space required including tent ropes, displays, firepits etc...


      We will try to accommodate everyone as best we can and thank you for you patience and understanding. Please register on-line at www.oldforterie.com or send your registration to:

      Niagara Parks Commission, The Siege of Fort Erie
      7400 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6T2

      Questions or inquiries please call Jim Hill at (905) 356-2241 ex 210
      OR Heather Gorman at (905) 871-0540

      **Please be aware that Sutler Fee increased in 2010**
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