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FW: Relief of Mackinac 1814 - Looking for boats, voyageur canoes and crew!

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  • David Brunelle
    Re-enactment of the Relief of Fort Mackinac 1814 Nottawasaga River - Edenvale, ON (Glengarry Landing) to the mouth of the Nottawasaga River (Nancy Island
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2011
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      Re-enactment of the Relief of Fort Mackinac 1814

      Nottawasaga River - Edenvale, ON (Glengarry Landing) to the mouth of the
      Nottawasaga River (Nancy Island Historic Site) - 25 - 30 km River Run

      Friday, July 22nd - Starting at 9:00am to 1:00pm - Edenvale to Jacks Lake

      Saturday, July 23rd - Starting at 9:00am to 1:00pm - Jacks Lake to Nancy

      Wasaga under Siege 2011 is excited to announce that a re-enactment of a
      portion of the Relief of Fort Mackinac, February to April 1814 will be added
      to the list of great activities taking place in 2011.

      The Upper Nottawasaga River is basically the same way it looked like in 1814
      and is a great opportunity for those hearty re-enactors to experience the
      environment and hardships soldiers and sailors experienced firsthand on this
      historical journey. This river excursion will not be a leisurely float down
      the river as all participants will be expected to pull their weight on an
      oar, potentially cut paths through fallen trees and log jams and getting
      your feet wet as low fast running water may dictate guiding the boat by hand
      and feet.

      For those naval groups who would like to get some real first
      hand river negotiating experience this is your opportunity. To date we have
      three bateaux that have confirmed to take part in this great historical
      re-enactment and we are looking for more boats and crews to take part. We
      are also looking for voyageur canoes and crews to take part in this great
      event as well. If you or your group is interested in participating as many
      boats/canoes will need extra rowers and crew, please contact me anytime at
      wasagaundersiege1812@.... More information will be forthcoming as we
      confirm the river schedule and boats attending.


      Look forward to hearing from you!!

      David Brunelle


      Wasaga under Siege 2011

      Historical Information

      1814, February to April - Relief of Fort Mackinac

      Six officers and 130 men of the RNR (virtually all who remained fit for
      service) accompanied by 11 artillerymen, and a naval party of 21, marched
      overland with supplies during the winter from Kingston to the Nottawasaga
      River. Moving to re-supply the starving garrison at Fort Mackinac, in a
      remarkable operation that demonstrated their capability and determination
      both ashore, and on the water, they felled trees to build 29bateaux, and
      then rowed from the Nottawasaga River across Lake Huron to the fort at
      Michilimackinac (some 360 miles) losing only one boat crushed in the ice
      choked waters.

      David J. Brunelle, OCT

      Project Director

      Southern Georgian Bay

      War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee



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