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FW: Wasaga under Siege 2011 - Updates

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  • David Brunelle
    Wasaga under Siege - A War of 1812 Experience July 22nd, 23rd, 24th /2011 2011 Highlights . Nancy Island Historic Site New Welcome Centre. .
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      Wasaga under Siege - "A War of 1812 Experience"

      July 22nd, 23rd, 24th /2011

      2011 Highlights

      . Nancy Island Historic Site New Welcome Centre.

      . Website Update

      . Battle Location Changes

      . River Run Event - Looking for Boats, Canoes & Participants.

      . New Coordinator of Naval Activities

      . Book Releases and Singings

      . Invitation to Tea

      Hi Everyone,

      Just a quick reminder that Wasaga under Siege "A War of 1812 Experience" is
      approaching fast. Please review the information that has been provided and
      if you have not registered yet I encourage you all to do so ASAP. Visit our
      website at <http://www.wasagaundersiege1812.com>
      www.wasagaundersiege1812.com . There are also some changes and new things
      happening this year and if you have any questions please let me know.

      Building on the huge success of past Wasaga under Siege events,
      the Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada in partnership with the
      Town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario Parks and Nancy Island Historic Site look
      forward to hosting you once again from July 22nd to the 24th/2011. Wasaga
      under Siege "A War of 1812 Experience" will once again come to life as over
      300 re-enactors will take part echoing history once again through the
      streets and waters of Wasaga Beach and Nancy Island Historic Site.

      We have put together a great weekend for re-enactors and
      spectators alike! Re-enactors will enjoy a safe Grand Encampment area on
      Historic Nancy Island, water, food, entertainment, drinks, souvenir and 4
      battles scenarios. We will be using all our talents and proven Wasaga under
      Siege 1812 hospitality to make sure all re-enactors & participants feel
      welcomed and satisfied that it was worth the trip.

      All re-enactors who portray any aspect of the War of 1812 are
      welcomed to participate. They can include - British and American Regulars
      or Militia, Navy Personnel, Cannon Crews, Natives, Voyageurs and Men, Women
      & Children civilians. Re-enactors who wish to bring cannons, bateaus and
      canoes can negotiate with me for travel, haulage or powder compensation.
      Merchants, blanket traders and artisans are welcomed to attend free of

      Sunday morning will also feature the Redcoat Iron-man and
      Iron-women contest that has proven to be a popular event not only to
      participate in, but to watch as well, with prizes going out to the winners.

      If you are registering on-line please register individually or
      as an immediate family unit. No group registrations will be accepted unless
      pre-approved. This gives us a more accurate numbers for logistics, food and
      actual people attending and camping on the island.

      New Welcome Centre - Nancy Island Welcome Centre

      Ontario Parks is excited to announce that Nancy Island Historic Site will
      have a brand new 3000+ square foot Welcome Centre opening this summer. This
      new building will become a focal point for Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and
      certainly help draw visitors to Nancy Island as we gear up for the

      Nancy Island - Wasaga Welcome Centre.jpgIMG_1314.JPG

      Website Update

      We have changed the format of our website and we are still working on some
      of the pages and critiquing its overall look and appearance. If you are
      having any difficulties looking for information while on the site please
      feel free to contact me anytime for help.

      Change in Battlefield Location

      The two long walks to the battlefield in beach area one on Saturday is now a
      thing of the past! Starting this year all battles will take place in beach
      area two just across the street from Nancy Island Historic Site. The
      battleground will be expanded to include the main beach area and the naval
      component will now be moved out of the river to the Georgian Bay side.

      Re-enactment of the Relief of Mackinac 1814

      1814, February to April - Relief of Mackinac

      Six officers and 130 men of the RNR (virtually all who remained fit for
      service) accompanied by 11 artillerymen, and a naval party of 21, marched
      overland with supplies during the winter from Kingston to the Nottawasaga
      River. Moving to re-supply the starving garrison at Mackinac, in a
      remarkable operation that demonstrated their capability and determination
      both ashore, and on the water, they felled trees to build 29 bateaux, and
      then rowed from the Nottawasaga River across Lake Huron to the fort at
      Mackinac (some 360 miles) losing only one boat crushed in the ice choked

      Nottawasaga River - Edenvale, ON (Glengarry Landing) to the mouth of the
      Nottawasaga River (Nancy Island Historic Site) - 25 - 30 km River Run

      Friday, July 22nd - Starting at 9:00am to 1:00pm - Edenvale to Jacks Lake

      Saturday, July 23rd - Starting at 9:00am to 1:00pm - Jacks Lake to Nancy

      Wasaga under Siege 2011 is excited to announce that a re-enactment of a
      portion of the Relief of Michilimackinac, February to April 1814 will be
      added to the list of great activities taking place in 2011. The Upper
      Nottawasaga River is basically the same way it looked like in 1814 and is a
      great opportunity for those hearty re-enactors to experience the environment
      and hardships soldiers and sailors experienced firsthand on this historical
      journey. This river excursion will not be a leisurely float down the river
      as all participants will be expected to pull their weight on an oar,
      potentially cut paths through fallen trees and log jams and getting your
      feet wet as low fast running water may dictate guiding the boat by hand and

      For those re-enactors who would like to get some real first hand
      river negotiating experience this is your opportunity. To date we have
      three bateaux that have confirmed to take part in this great historical
      re-enactment and we are looking for more boats and crews to take part. We
      are also looking for voyageur canoes and crews to take part in this great
      event as well. If you or your group is interested in participating as many
      boats/canoes will need extra rowers and crew, please contact me anytime at
      <mailto:wasagaundersiege1812@...> wasagaundersiege1812@....
      More information will be forthcoming as we confirm the river schedule and
      boats attending.

      New Coordinator of Naval Activities

      I'm happy to announce that the Penetanguishene Ship's Company has
      volunteered to take over the coordination of naval activities during the
      battle scenarios. They have some great ideas to help enhance the naval
      activities and will be in contact with all the naval units participating in
      this year's event for input and feedback. If you are bringing a boat or
      canoe to the event I encourage you to contact the Penetanguishene Ship's
      Company at

      Book Releases & Signings

      Brock's Agent - Tom Taylor

      It's the eve of the War of 1812, and the United States is aiming
      to seize British North America. Thomas Jefferson declares that it will be a
      "mere matter of marching," but he hadn't counted on British Major General
      Isaac Brock. While Britain battles Napoleon in Europe and considers
      abandoning Upper Canada altogether, Brock begins forging the province into a
      fighting force and in the process engages the services of a young secret

      After witnessing the Battle of Tippecanoe, Jonathan Westlake, a
      young man "ready to make his mark," returns to the town of York [now
      Toronto] from a fur trading expedition bringing hard intelligence of the
      American preparations for war. Intervening in a scuffle to save a young
      woman's life, he appears to have unwittingly killed her stepfather. To
      escape arrest for murder, Westlake is now forced to join the British Army
      and pose as a fur trader while undertaking a vital secret mission for
      General Brock.

      In a frantic search for the girl he rescued, down Georgian Bay to Fort
      Detroit, Westlake discovers treachery in his own family circle. But his
      friends, a French Canadian named, Danny Lapointe, and a Shawnee Indian
      called Paxinos, will stand by him in a clash that may cost all of them their

      As nations and men battle for military supremacy in North America, these
      principal characters will fight to the death over love, independence, and a
      fortune in furs.

      Tom Taylor will be present during Wasaga under Siege 2011 to answer
      questions, sign copies of his book and read passages. For more information
      contact: Tom Taylor at: tom_taylor@...

      Searching for the Forgotten War 1812

      Patrick Richard Carstens & Timothy L. Sanford

      The forgotten war started out with an American invasion of what is now
      Canada and ended with a British invasion of the United States, neither one
      successful. The vast majority of the books telling the story of the War of
      1812, are often told chronologically, the events leading to this war, the
      battles and aftermath or the biographies of the leaders on both side of the

      The book "Searching for the Forgotten War 1812" unfolds
      geographically as told in two volumes (Canada- 21 chapters- USA -35
      chapters) and tells the story of the war using what can be found today in
      both the Canada and the United States. With the use of photography and
      directions to find the historical markers, plaques, monuments, gravestones,
      graveyards, battlefields, fortified locations, naval battles on the Great
      Lakes and the Oceans of the world to tell the stories behind the historical
      evidence in what was British North America and the United States in 1812.
      The vast majority of the location can be found along the United States
      borders with Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) Canada, New Brunswick, Nova
      Scotia, and the British Colony of Newfoundland in what is Canada today, and
      in the United States original colonies, territories and emerging states
      along the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean.

      Each chapter deals with the war in different geographical areas of
      North American and their involvement, either as a contributor or direct
      involvement in the battles fought. Political turmoil is not overlooked and
      its roll in the eventual outcome of this war. The war itself proved nothing.
      The aftermath created positives that both Americans and Canadians enjoy
      today, without knowing the role the War of 1812 played.

      The book is enhanced by the use of sketches by Benson Lossing, a
      nineteenth century history who traveled extensively and captured with pencil
      and paper the remains of the war, fifty years after the fact. The battle
      scenes are brought to life with the artistic impressions by modern artist
      and those of period renditions of the battles available in many Archives and
      in Public Domain today. Within the covers of these books the reader will
      have access to seven appendices (Chronology, Biographies, Treaties,
      Nineteenth Century Weapons, Battle Sites, Bibliography and Reference Index)
      to help the reader to understanding this war. Two appendices, biographies of
      key to relatively unknown individuals who fought and in some cased died in
      War of 1812, and the weapons and military terminologies in use during this
      war are given the attention it deserves to understand the people, offensive
      and defensive strategies used by both sides in this conflict.

      Patrick Richard Carstens & Timothy L. Sanford will be present during Wasaga
      under Siege 2011 to answer questions, sign copies of their book and read
      passages. For more information contact Patrick R. Cartens at:

      Invitation to Tea

      Wasaga under Siege 2011 invites the ladies & gentlemen of the Nancy Island
      Historic Site Grand Encampment to take tea on Saturday, July 23rs in the
      hospitality tent hosted by the ladies of the Incorporated Militia of Upper
      Canada. Please bring your own tea cup, plate, spoon and chair. To satisfy
      the appetites of our guests, we shall be serving treats from the Georgian
      Period, baked by the finest camp followers of the Incorporated Militia of
      Upper Canada. The afternoon will also include presentations and discussions
      on various topics.

      "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the
      ceremony known as afternoon tea."
      (Henry James)

      David J. Brunelle, OCT

      Project Director

      Southern Georgian Bay

      War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee



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    • Rob Irvine
      Hi Dave hope you are wellWould you be planning on coming to Crysler s farm this year on July 9 & 10 and/ or with the Coughlan-Upton show???? Best guess would
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        Hi Dave
        hope you are wellWould you be planning on coming to Crysler's farm this year on July 9 & 10 and/ or with the Coughlan-Upton show????
        Best guess would do for now.thanks
        Aren't events fun to plan ??
        Bob Irvine

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