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War of 1812 Commemorations

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  • Dennis McMahon,Esq.
      From: Dennis McMahon,Esq. Subject: Fw: War of 1812 Commemorations To: bobkiss@burlingtontelecom.net Date: Tuesday, April 5,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2011

      From: Dennis McMahon,Esq. <dennismcmahon110@...>
      Subject: Fw: War of 1812 Commemorations
      To: bobkiss@...
      Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 1:43 PM


       April 5, 2011
       Mayor Bob Kiss:
       I am taking the liberty of making a proposal I originally advanced in 2005: the
      establishment of a War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission. A separate proposal
      has been made by myself to the State since 2005.
       A quick look at commissions being established by other cities and states
       will demonstrate the advisability of advancing this forward. When first stated
       this proposal was a bit early; I just want to bring it up again.
       I believe it will have educational and potential fiscal and tourism benefit for the
       Thank you for your work for the city and your continuing attention to all of its
      people and needs.
      With every good wish, I remain
       Very truly yours.
      Dennis McMahon

      From: Dennis McMahon,Esq. <dennismcmahon110@...>
      Subject: War of 1812 Commemorations
      To: pclavelle@...
      Cc: "Phil Fiermonte" <philipf@...>, timashe@...
      Date: Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:22 PM

                                                                             Dennis McMahon, Esq.
                                                                              72 Murray Street
                                                                             Burlington, Vermont 05401
      24 January 2005
      Mayor Peter Clavelle
      City of Burlington
      City Hall
      Burlington, Vermont 05401
      Dear Mayor Clavelle:
      Prompted by the visage of your esteemed colleague to the south, Mayor Martin 0'Malley of Baltimore, on a documentary on the War of 1812, I am taking the liberty of
      suggesting that you establish a special city commission to prepare for the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Long range planning never hurt anyone and in this case there are probably many preparations underway. I need not elaborate on the tremendous benefits of such a commission for educational, artistic, and tourism potential.
      It  is especially appropriate in light of our local history including but not limited to the discovery of the graves of American soldiers who died in the conflict.
      Early last year I suggested to the Governor and the Lt. Governor that the State take a special role in the commemorations by France, Canada, and Quebec of the Jacques Cartier discoveries and explorations.  I received no response thereto. In my opinion, the State missed a valuable opportunity for some exciting tourism and trade opportunities during 2004 as well as some very interesting educational and cultural exchange opportunities.
      By copy thereto I am making this suggestion to my local councillors, Tim Ashe, and Phil Fiermonte, who have been instrumental in various community preservation projects in the 0ld North End and environs. With your administration's redevelopment of the 0ld North End and the work of the University of Vermont archaeologists in the area it is particularly appropriate that the City of Burlington take a national role in War of 1812 bicentennial celebrations. The presence of ECHO and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum affords the City a unique opportunity to play a national role in these important bicentennial events.
      I think a Bicentennial Commission would help guide the City's official events and provide a focus for continued innovation and networking throughout the country.
      Thank you for your kind attention to the above.
      Very truly yours
      Dennis McMahon

              Dennis McMahon, Esq   *  72 Murray Street *  Burlington, Vermont 05401

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