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Re: Living History Conference - February 26th - Stoney Creek

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  • tom4141fournier
    Still time to register! Conference is this coming weekend ... http://livinghistoryconference.com/
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2011
      Still time to register!

      Conference is this coming weekend

      > This year's conference should have a little something for everyone; reenactors,history buffs, military and regency topics and a gala regency evening.
      > I am pasting a copy of the schedule here:
      > Bringing the Regency to Life
      > A History Conference
      > 8:00 Registration and Merchants' Market open
      > 9:00 Key Note Address: Gord Henderson
      > 10:00 •Robert Henderson: Hustlers, Bumpkins and Wannabe Heroes: Recruiting the British Soldier in the War of 1812
      > •Ray Hobbs: George Ferguson's War
      > •Linda Bolla: To Cook or Not to Cook
      > •Speaker's Corner A: Chris McKay: The Casualty Database of the War of 1812
      > 10:20 •Speaker's Corner B: Charlie Capern: Waterloo 200 in 2015!
      > 11:00 •Tom Fournier: How they did that! The British Army in the War of 1812
      > •Betsy Bashore: From Paris to North America: Women's Fashion, 1805-1815
      > •Victor Suthren: Scared, Wet, and Happy: On the Open Ocean In An 18th Century Square-Rigger
      > •Speaker's Corner C: Kevin Windsor: Bicentennial in the Making; The Expansion of the Niagara Falls History Museum
      > 11:30 •Speaker's Corner D: Tom Taylor: Brock's Agent
      > 12:00 Lunch (included with Conference registration) and Merchants Visits
      > 1:00 "Open Mic" Session: "What We Want To See in a Bicentennial Event" Jim Hill and Craig Williams, moderators.
      > 2:00 •Ed Bolla: The Barbary Wars and the Birth of the American Navy.
      > •Les Szabo: Muskets and Maintenance - Having Them Fire All The Time
      > •Miyoko Twist: Adapting Modern Fabrics to Regency Uses
      > •Speaker's Corner E: Craig Williams: The Re-Enactor in the Film Industry
      > 2:20 •Speaker's Corner F: Rob Maguire: Create Your Own Field of Dreams: How to Encourage Media Participation in 1812 Events
      > 2:50 Silent Auction closes
      > 3:00 •Michael McAllister: Museum Below the Waves
      > •Peter Twist: How to Dress the Citizen Soldier
      > •Joe Lischka: Niagara Commerce and the War of 1812
      > •Speaker's Corner G: Pauline Grondin: History of Tea
      > 3:20 •Speaker's Corner H: Linda Bolla: A Tale of Two Flags
      > 4:00 Merchants' Market closes
      > 6:00 Cocktails
      > 7:00 Dinner, with ball and soiree to follow. Instruction in period card games with Julie Rockhold will be offered after dinner for those not wishing to dance.
      > It looks like an excellent conference!
      > Tom Fournier
      > (On behalf of the 2011 Organizing Committee)
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