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Re: Looking for answers- 1812

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  • Ron
    You can find the song Come all you Bold Canadians on line. There are shorter and longer versions. The late Alan Mills recorded it on an LP, Canada s Story
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2010
      You can find the song "Come all you Bold Canadians" on line. There are shorter and longer versions. The late Alan Mills recorded it on an LP, "Canada's Story in Song."

      As for the definitions:

      1812 Historical Wedge Tent, Tent Poles, Tent Pegs

      Larger "Flanders" tents and the venerable old wedge tents were used by soldiers when encamped near a fort or post. The wedge tents could be occupied by as many as four soldiers. The poles and pegs are kind of obvious assessories

      Wooden Trunk

      I am not sure of the context here but people shipped and often stored their extra clothing and other belongings in wooden trunks. In the army, sergeants were issued wooden trunks (barracks boxes) when in barracks for the storage of their various manuals, returns, orders, writing implements etc.

      Youth Barrick Tunics

      I suppose these are barracks jacket made in small sizes? The white fatigue jacket, often with the facings of the regiment, were worn when off duty, when on fatigue duty or just hanging around. On parade, on sentry and in battle the red coat was worn.

      Wooden Click Muskets

      Modern toy made out of wood with a wooden mechanism that clicks when the trigger is pulled. Historically, children probably used sticks to serve as their toy guns or swords

      Stovepipe Shako Hats

      The stovepipe shako was in use by the British Army until replaced by the 1811 regulation "belgique" shako. In Upper Canada the stovepipe likely remained in use into 1813 when the new shakos arrived.

      Drum & Drumsticks

      In a British Army regiment there were normally 2 drummers for the 8 battlion companies and the light company and 4 drummers for the grenadier company of a regiment for a total of 22. Some of the drummers actually played the fife. The drums were used to signal orders in garrison or on the battlefield. In battle, drummers also acted as stretcher bearers.

      Union Jack Flag

      The flag carried during the War of 1812 and still the National flag of Great Britain and Northern Ireland carries the red cross of St George on a white background (the old English flag), the white saltire of St Andrew (the old Scottish flag) and, after 1801 the supposed red saltire of St Patrick to represent Ireland.

      Games- cup & ball, button spin, windmill

      Toys that might have been used by children in the settlements of Upper Canada and perhaps by soldiers' children in garrisons

      Wooden fifes

      See comment under drums

      General Brock statue & book

      Brock was the commander in chief of British forces in Upper Canada from 1811 until his death at Queenston Heights on Oct 13, 1812. What is the statue of? a minature of Brock's Monument? the Brock action figure? What book?


      Footwear used by many First Nations. Different Nations used different designs so it is difficult to comment without knowing the design of the moccasin and what decoration they might have.

      Messenger Wampum Strings

      I suppose these are to talk about the use of wampum as mnemonic devices?? Normally messengers bringing important news or requests from one Nation to another would carry a belt to symbolize the message.

      Penny Whistles

      Penny whistles were cheap tin whistles common in the mid 19th century, particularly in Ireland. Versions of these may have been used in North America at the time of the War of 1812

      Courting Coil Candles

      Modern (incorrect) myth that these coil candle holders had something to do with courting. They represented a good method to firmly hold a cheap candle safely. As the candle burned down the stub could be pushed up in the holder so that only the top inch of the candle would be exposed.

      Heritage Blankets

      I am unsure what a heritage blanket is. Are these period blankets? Are they soldiers' white barracks blankets? Hudson's Bay blankets? Quilts? Blankets were used for exactly the same purposes in 1812 as they are today.

      Red, White & Blue Rolls Cotton Bunting

      I suppose this is to use to decorate floats or whatever for special events???


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