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Re: 1812 Re: Brock to unveil portraits of Tecumseh, Brock this afternoon

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  • Ray Hobbs
    Dear sheffkg.rm In my experience (almost 40 years university teaching) I don t think that our public education system and our universities have been
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      Dear "sheffkg.rm"
      In my experience (almost 40 years' university teaching) I don't think
      that our public education system and our universities have been
      actively intent on discouraging interest in heritage. Quite the
      The students' reaction on CHCH did not take into account the subjects
      being studied by the students. It is hardly fair to expect an
      engineering student to be fully conversant with the niceties of our
      history. I am from the Humanities, and I have little understanding of
      Quantum Physics - my colleagues in that field are amused by my
      For the past twenty years I have been involved in a course which seeks
      to bridge the gap between the sciences, social sciences and the
      humanities. All of the students are from the sciences. In it I teach
      segments on "Ancient Urbanization and Social Change" and "The Ancient
      Arms-race, and the Developments of Metallurgy". The interest is high,
      the dedication full, and the results most satisfying.
      An interesting footnote - this evening, at Brock University, there is
      a celebration called "Brock Through the Ages". It is a fund-raising
      event and for the past three years it has grown so much that it has
      outgrown its original location. Several hundred educators, and local
      big-wigs will be there, in the company of "General Brock" and an
      honour-guard of a detachment of the 41st Regiment of Foot under the
      command of Capt. Tom Fournier. The 1812 period soldiers are a big hit,
      and create a lot of discussion.
      My two cents' worth
      Yrs etc.
      Ray Hobbs
      Hon. Colonel
      41st Regiment of Foot MLHG

      PS: This is an open forum. It would be helpful for such discussions to
      know who I am responding to. "sheffkg.rm" is an unknown in my world.

      On 15-Oct-10, at 7:45 PM, scheffkg.rm wrote:

      > I hope that this isn't too vinegary for my first post here, but I was
      > a little miffed while watching the CHCH report on this event by the
      > complete and total lack of interest and ignorance on the part of the
      > students at that university about its namesake. Not completely their
      > fault, I understand--our public education system has been intent on
      > discouraging any interest in our heritage for several generations now.
      > --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Ian Gardner" <igardner@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > http://www.brocku.ca/news/13778
      > >
      > >
      > > "Brock to unveil portraits of Tecumseh, Brock this afternoon
      > >
      > > Published on October 15 2010
      > >
      > > This afternoon, the university will unveil portraits of Tecumseh and
      > > General Brock.
      > > The paintings by Canadian artist Gertrude Kearns are on loan from
      > the
      > > Royal Canadian Military Institute and will be displayed at Brock
      > while
      > > the Institute undergoes renovations for the next two years.
      > > * Tecumseh and General Brock portrait unveilings:
      > > Brock faculty who are members of the Royal Canadian Military
      > Institute
      > > offered to house the Institute's two life-size portraits of
      > Tecumseh and
      > > General Brock rather than have them sit in storage during
      > renovations.
      > > Kathryn Langley Hope who commissioned the portraits through the
      > > Institute will host a reception and unveiling of the paintings at
      > 3:30
      > > p.m. in the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre lobby.
      > > A symposium about the portraits, their significance and the history
      > > behind them will take place at 2:30 in Thistle 256 prior to their
      > > unveiling. It will feature talks by the artist and historians."
      > >
      > >
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