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Possible Major 1812 Naval Commemorative Event

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  • larrylozon
    ============================== TO: 1812 FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders, Please inform your members ============================== I forward the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2010
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      Unit Commanders,

      Please inform your members


      I forward the following F.Y.I.

      L. Lozon ~ AdC CFNA

      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      21st July, 2010

      Warning Order
      Possible Major 1812 Naval Commemorative Event
      Labour Day Weekend
      Toronto Harbour 2012
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      All member units, individuals of the Naval Establishment, Crown Forces North
      America, and organizations who have cooperated with the Establishments in
      the past, and with the Navy's Colonial Sailor Program, are to be advised
      that discussions are underway on the possible staging of a very large, major
      War of 1812 naval commemorative event in Toronto harbour, tentatively
      identified for the Labour Day weekend of 2012.

      This event would have as a backdrop the proposed presence of Canadian,
      American and British warships, and encompass an exciting array of both water
      and shore activities of unprecedented scale if proceeded with.

      Potential invitations and support for naval re-enactors, boats' crews,
      boats, and STVs of Canada's Great Lakes sail training community, are being
      examined by the Colonial Sailor Program of Canada's Navy. Requirements for
      participants in this extraordinary event will be similar in standard to that
      required for the Founding of the Royal Navy Dockyard 1759-2009 event, staged
      in July, 2009, including:

      (1) Accurate and authentic "look" and personal appearance for the period of
      the War of 1812;
      (2) High standards of seamanship and conduct at all times;
      (3) "naval" standards of paint, finish and appearance for all boats and
      vessels; and
      (3) the flying of provided correct 1812-era ensigns, pennants and jacks by
      all historical craft involved.

      Further information to be provided as it develops. Please mark this
      important date on your calendars for 2012.

      I have the honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

      (Captain, Canadian Navy
      Project Head
      Colonial Sailor Program
      Directorate of Naval History and Heritage)

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