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RE: 1812 Ft . McHenry weekend

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  • Vince Wilding
    Huzzah! Without a doubt the most stirring sight I ve ever seen: http://www.wincingdevil.com/FOMC2008/080913_203730.html -- Vince Wilding, AKA Honest Jock
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      Huzzah! Without a doubt the most stirring sight I've ever seen:


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      Can't wait!!
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      Unit Commanders,

      Please inform your members


      I forward the following F.Y.I.

      L. Lozon ~ AdC CFNA

      Attention War of 1812 American & British living history units:


      The 196th Anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore and the writing of the
      American National Anthem will be commemorated at Fort McHenry National
      Monument & Historic Shrine during the


      This three-day event is sponsored by the National Park Service (
      www.nps.gov/fomc) and its volunteer living-history unit, the Fort
      McHenry Guard (www.fortmchenryguard.org).

      See attached for an information packet in the mail detailing the
      times,programs, and events of the entire weekend. Please send your
      mailing address if you have not attended in the past and are interested
      in coming to this incredible event, backed by the Federal Government,
      the State of Maryland, and the City of Baltimore! Just last year, the
      Governor of Maryland, a War of 1812 living historian with the Fort
      McHenry Guard, announced the creation of a State Bicentennial Commission
      to plan for 2012-2015!

      ** Meals ARE PROVIDED for Saturday AND Sunday, including a traditional
      Maryland CRAB FEAST Saturday night with the Governor! **

      ** Black powder IS PROVIDED for the multitude of weapons demonstrations
      throughout the weekend, culminating with an un-opposed tactical
      demonstration in front of 8,000 PEOPLE and national media capped off by
      a forty-five minute fireworks show!**

      For more information, please feel free to contact Jim Bailey at:

      Phone: 410-962-4290 ex. 206
      Email: Jim_Bailey(at)nps.gov
      Mail: Fort McHenry NMHS, 2400 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

      Registration is due by August 15 (not August 1 as stated)

      James C. Bailey
      Park Ranger - Volunteer Coordinator
      Fort McHenry NM&HS
      Baltimore, MD 21230
      (410) 962-4290 ex. 236

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