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Stoney Creek Thank You!

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  • spencersmerc
    An enormous thank you to everyone who turned out for the Battle of Stoney Creek this weekend! You put on a great presentation despite the wet and the mud and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2010
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      An enormous thank you to everyone who turned out for the Battle of Stoney Creek this weekend! You put on a great presentation despite the wet and the mud and the thunderstorms -- the public was wowed, as were the dignitaries who attended on Saturday. When you consider where we were a few short months ago . . . what a wonderful turnaround! My personal thanks go to all of you who supported us throughout the process -- and I hope that you'll agree with me that in the end, we came out with a product that we can all be proud of -- and that was tremendously appreciated by everyone who came out to experience it.

      There are so many people to thank! Of course, it is you, the re-enactors who come out and devote your time and talents to put on a great show, who are the core of the whole thing -- without you, there wouldn't be an event. Special thanks go to those of you who stepped up to help out in so many ways -- the volunteers on Education Day, the escorts for the dignitaries, the participants in the pay parade and Sgt. Maj. Monahan for pulling that together, Mrs. Sgt. Maj. Monahan for managing the Trading Post swap shop, the 1st Lincolns for their help directing public before the battles and at fireworks time, Jim Hill and Ron Dale for their commentaries, and everyone who hopped in and lent a hand on so very many of the details throughout the weekend. My personal thanks go to Messrs. Fournier and Hanna for their help in directing traffic during the move-in process -- you took on a huge load and managed it wonderfully! I'm sure that I've forgotten ever so many people here -- please forgive me and put it down to a lack of sleep and the fact that my feet still feel like they're wearing my sabots even though I took them off many hours ago!

      My personal thanks also to the members of the merchant corps who stepped up and provided your help and expertise in dealing with people (and buses!) on kids' day and in so many other ways throughout the weekend. You took an enormous load off my shoulders, for which I am very much in your debt. Thank you.

      To the members of the event committee -- once again, I stand in awe of your dedication and contribution, not only over the course of the weekend, but also through every step along the long road to bring this event to fruition. Looking into your eyes this weekend, I saw both exhaustion and joy -- there's a part of me that still can't believe that it all came together! Lisa Barty, Alex Cuberovic, Rick Peterson, Craig Williams, Lawrence Michor, Wes Ramsay, Ray Hobbs, Peter Twist -- you are my heroes. Add in Mike McAllister and Jason Ryan from the City, Stoney Creek's ultimate "connections guy" Leon Sauers, and of course, Susan Ramsay, Don Lougheed, Marnie Maslin, Sandy Shichowy, and Daryl MacTavish from Battlefield House -- you are an amazing group of people and it has been my privilege to work with you.

      As always, feedback on the event would be very much appreciated, as we strive to make it better for each coming year (especially with 2013 on the immediate horizon). Please feel free to forward any thoughts, suggestions, or comments that you might have to Susan Ramsay, curator of Battlefield House, at susan.ramsay(at)hamilton.ca (replace (at) with @).

      Once again, thank you to you all.

      And now, on to Port Dover! Hope to see you there,
      -- Sioux
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