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Grand Tactical Update

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  • arkaologist
    Just thought I d update everyone on the status of Grand Tactical Planning. The event is now being sponsored by the Sackets Harbor Battlefield Alliance. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2010
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      Just thought I'd update everyone on the status of Grand Tactical Planning.

      The event is now being sponsored by the Sackets Harbor Battlefield Alliance. This move was necessary to insure that the event would occur regardless of the state budget situation. We are operating on the state historic site, as previously planned, under a limited use permit. Regardless of what happens in Albany, the Grand Tactical at Sackets Harbor is ON. As incoming President of the Alliance I want to welcome everyone to our site.

      The details are as follows:
      DATE- July 31-August 1, 2010.
      SET-UP- no arrivals before Thursday July 30 without prior notification.
      POC- until further notice, Connie Barone will remain the POC for the event (315) 646-3634.

      The Alliance will be providing breakfast for volunteers and participants on Saturday and Sunday. It will consist of various baked goods (muffins, bagels), fresh fruit (bananas, oranges, apples etc.), and yogurt parfaits donated by McDonalds. Coffee rations will be available. We will have a small amount brewing for volunteers, but ask that anyone with the means to take the rations back to their camps.

      There will be a Saturday evening reception for participants, volunteers, Alliance members and sponsors. Beverages and light snacks will be provided. BYOB, G, W, O.

      The Alliance will be providing straw, firewood, fire pits, potable water, and wash facilities. There will be both U.S. and British period camps, a family/non-regulation period camping area, a period sutler area, and an adjacent offsite modern camping area. Food vendors will be present on site as well for both participants and spectators.

      All participants (including camp followers and children) will still need to complete NYS volunteer forms. PLEASE HAVE AS MANY OF THESE PREPARED AHEAD OF TIME AS POSSIBLE. All forms are available from the Alliance website at www.sacketsharborbattlefield.org. The Alliance has adopted all NYS safety protocols regarding the use of black powder on the site. All participants must be covered by liability insurance for this activity, either through their unit or individually. Proof of insurance must be submitted with registration.

      Please begin registering now so that we can plan to have enough supplies for everyone. It happens every year that a group shows up unregistered expecting adequate supplies, and then leaves disgruntled that we run out. Stipends for both watercraft and canon are in place. Please contact your commanders for details. Sutler registration is being handled by Susan Spencer (info@..., (866) 690-6507, or (905) 525-6303.).

      If you have any further questions, I monitor this listserve. You may also contact Connie Barone at the battlefield site.
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