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Update: Naval Establishments School of the Sailor

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  • Victor Suthren
    Update School of the Sailor Naval Establishments 11-13 June 2010 1. Planning continues for the 2010 Crown Forces Naval Establishments School of the Sailor, to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2010
      School of the Sailor
      Naval Establishments
      11-13 June 2010

      1. Planning continues for the 2010 Crown Forces Naval Establishments School of the Sailor, to be held 11-13 June, 2010, at Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. The School is supported by the Colonial Sailor Program (CSP) of the Directorate of Naval History and Heritage of the Canadian Navy, and courtesy of the Commandant, RMC of C.

      2. A logistic and organizational planning meeting with RMC staff will be held at RMC Wednesday 28 April to confirm the Event Scenario and details of accommodation, meals, parking, and the operation of the School's flotilla of training vessels. A further Update message will be issued following that meeting, and then Final Orders for the School will be issued toward the end of May, and will include directions on getting to the School and the location of the Royal Military College of Canada at Kingston.

      3. Participants are to note once again that upon arrival on the College grounds and the issuance of residence room keys following registration, the wearing of correct 1812 naval dress will be mandatory at all times until departure Sunday morning.

      4. The Training Flotilla has been altered, and will consist of the following vessels:

      La Revenante, 30-ton replica 19th Century schooner (flotilla leader) (Captain Vernon Fairhead)
      Witch of A'burg, 32-foot cutter under sail and oar (Coxswain Peter Rindlisbacher)
      Rolette, 27-foot whaler under sail and oar (Provincial Marine Association)

      5. Instruction in Seamanship, Ropework, and Small Arms will be provided by specialists who will be identified in later update messages, and this will be incorporated into the rotations through the three vessels which will take place afloat (weather and sea state permitting), with the intent of having each participant experience each of the Training Flotilla vessels under way.

      6. A box lunch will be provided to all participants for the Saturday, and the Flotilla will raft/anchor as weather allows for lunch afloat in the waters off Kingston harbour.

      7. Participants now listed for the School of the Sailor are as follows. Please advise if you have registered but your name does not appear. Any individual now not intending to take part, or known to be not coming, should be made known to me as soon as possible, as there is a Waiting List of others who wish to take part:

      Andre Reed
      Gordon Norsworthy
      Peter Rindlisbacher
      Vernon Coon
      Frank Fox
      David May
      Charles Fitton
      Karen Dal Pio
      Walter Dal Pio
      Kevin Zach
      Bryan Michenfelder
      Donnie Craig
      Mary Baruth
      Ray Hobbs
      Urb Buwalda
      Ken Fisher
      Fritz Steele
      Colin Wu
      Sarah More
      Mark Adam
      Lance Harrison
      Scott Paterson
      Norman Carsons
      Paul Dockstader
      Dale Kidd
      Bob Cockburn
      Simon Crouch
      Omar Simonyi
      Barbara Monk
      John Dixon
      Gregory Hunter
      John Matthew IV
      Gordon Chisamore
      James Dobson
      Ian Dowdell
      Michael Cooper
      Kenneth Bouchard
      Scott Suthren
      Peter Twist
      Craig Williams
      Douglas McComb
      Patrick Schifferdecker
      Cameron Swanson
      Ron Swanson
      Lark Cowart
      Michael Whittaker
      Andrew Soper
      Shelley Fisher-MacLellan

      To Honour we call you
      Not Press you like slaves
      For who are so free
      As the sons of the waves?

      I have the Honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America


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