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RE: Dentistry in War of 1812

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  • Tom Hurlbut
    Hello Commodore Hmm.. Sorta makes you think on the concept of Tropical Paradise don t it? Commander Tom _____ From: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
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      Hello Commodore


      Sorta makes you think on the concept of "Tropical Paradise" don't it?

      "Commander" Tom


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      Of Victor Suthren
      Sent: April 23, 2010 1:58 PM
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      Subject: Re: Dentistry in War of 1812

      I hope the group will allow a short digression from the theme of dentistry
      in 1812. In 1967 I sailed 'before the mast' for some months as a seaman in
      the Canadian schooner replica "Bluenose II" on Canada's East Coast. The
      captain and crew were otherwise former hands of the "Bounty" replica from
      the Marlon Brando 1962 version of the film. They crewed the ship 1961-1964
      and were present in Tahiti for 13 months(!) during the filming. They related
      over messdeck rum a few stories (Brando was a swine, Trevor Howard a fine
      man, etc.) how the delightful dance sequence at which Christian (Brando)
      meets Maimiti (Tarita) was staged only after Tarita and the principal
      dancers of the sequence, female and male, were fitted with false teeth by
      MGM at considerable cost, toothlessness being very prevalent among Tahitians
      of even younger ages due to an introduced Western diet. In subsequent years
      the French health system has helped rectify this problem, returning
      Tahitians' dental health to something more acceptable, if not the pristine
      state at the time of European discovery. What the teeth (and breath) of the
      men of the first 'Bounty' in 1789 were like, I shudder to think. But now
      back to 1812....

      Vic Suthren
      Naval Establishments

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