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Port Dover Event - June 19th and 20th

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  • tom4141fournier
    Dear Friends I am writing to you on the behalf of the Port Dover event this upcoming June 19th & 20th. As I am sure many of you are aware, it is one of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2010
      Dear Friends

      I am writing to you on the behalf of the Port Dover event this upcoming June 19th & 20th.

      As I am sure many of you are aware, it is one of the desiginated Crown Forces events this coming campaign season.

      I thought I would share some information that would help to describe the area, the site and the event.

      Please note registrations are not quite yet available. They will be soon!

      Port Dover is a beach/port community in Ontario along Lake Erie. It is quite close to Port Rowan/Backus Mill.

      I am am estimating it to be about a 2 hour drive from Toronto, 1 hour from Hamilton and 3.5 hours from the Detroit/Windsor area.

      The one caution I offer is that most people hear Port Dover and they think to an event run outside of town some years ago. The 2010 event is in a completely different site, it is in fact in a park right in town and is run by Ian Bell, the curator of the Harbour Museum with Sioux Spencer and myself helping out with some of the planning.

      This is a relatively new event that has slowly been building up momentum. It started 4 years ago as a marine festival in the area of the Harbour Musuem. The last 2 years a military land aspect has been added.

      For us, the majority of the activity will be at the Silver Lake Park site. There would be plans for two afternoon battles there - there is also the crowd pleaser - and that is an evening battle on the town beach with the Brigantine St. Lawrence II and our naval long points also involved.

      The camp is truly right in the town and is easy walking distance from the main street in downtown, the beach, the pier, etc.

      I have posted a file in the file section that shows some satellite images of the community and the camp site and battlefield.

      I think most folks have really enjoyed the community and the event. The crowds have been fairly large and certainly enthusiastic. In past years we have had small numbers from a musket perspective and limited the tactical elements to fairly small depictions in a small confined area. With decent numbers this year we can open up the back area of the park and give our folks one of the largest and most dynamic battlefields that they will have an opportunity to experience in Canada.

      Breakfast will be provided each day. You can also expect free ice. There will be entertainment for the public and reenactors throughout the day in a performance area within the merchants area of the camp. There will also be a large marquis available for an informal social on the Saturday night that will also likely incorporate a Ceilidh.

      I have been there the past three years and maybe I am just silly but it has been one of my favourite events of the season!

      Your most humble and obedient Servant,

      Tom Fournier, Captain
      His Majesty's 41st Regiment of Foot
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