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New York State Budget

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  • Ed
    Found this on another group. Cheers, Ed Seufert 1812 Royal Marines
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2010
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      Found this on another group.

      Ed Seufert
      1812 Royal Marines

      > Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 16:45:39 -0400
      > From: zebrowskik@...
      > To: jsherry49@...
      > Subject: Assembly restores funding to keep parks open
      > Dear Mr. Sherry:
      > I am writing to update you on the 2010-2011 budget. Wednesday
      > night the Assembly passed its "one house" budget resolution. This > is not the final budget but represents the Assembly's priorities
      > and changes to the Governor's proposal. The Senate passed their
      > resolution on Monday and now both houses and the governor need to
      > compromise for a final budget.
      > As I have said before during this recession, costs are up and
      > revenues are down presenting us with a second year of significant
      > deficits.
      > Although the Assembly's resolution isn't perfect, we were able to
      > make significant restorations without raising any taxes on middle
      > class New Yorkers by rejecting over $1 billion of the Governor's
      > proposed new taxes and fees.
      > As someone who has contacted me in the past regarding parks, I am
      > proud to inform you that the our resolution restored over $14
      > million to State Parks in order to prevent the closure of 91 parks
      > and historic sites in New York.
      > These restorations were made by finding cuts elsewhere,
      > consolidating agencies and borrowing a small portion of the
      > deficit. Obviously borrowing any money is troubling; however,
      > abandoning the needs of New Yorkers or raising taxes was also
      > troubling. Furthermore, I insisted that any borrowing be tied to
      > significant reforms that revolutionize New York State's budgetary
      > process and eliminate our structural deficits. These reforms
      > known as the "Financial Recovery Act of 2010" were included in
      > Assembly's budget proposal.
      > I must stress that our resolution is not the final budget and any
      > restorations will need to be accepted by the Governor and the
      > Senate. I invite you to join me in pushing for them to join us in
      > protecting this important funding.
      > Sincerely,
      > Ken Zebrowski
      > Member of Assembly
      > --
      > Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski
      > District Office:
      > 67 North Main Street
      > New City, NY 10956
      > Telephone: 845-634-9791
      > Albany Office:
      > Room 631
      > Legislative Office Building
      > Albany, NY 12248
      > Telephone: 518-455-5735
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