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War of 1812 Bicentennial activities for 2012-2015

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    Hi Chris, Sorry of the delay answering your questions. The original process that the province used to make up the six regions was based on where historical
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      Hi Chris,

      Sorry of the delay answering your questions.

      The original process that the province used to make up the six regions was based on where historical events happened during the War of 1812 and organizations that were already in place that represented War of 1812 interest. Therefore municipalities, historic sites, conservation areas, museums, etc were the primary contacts that the Ministry of Tourism solicited first to be part of the initial regional representation. From there each region took on there own separate direction in regards to how the committee would be set-up, partners & public involvement, funding and new project/initiative development. You also have to take into consideration that each region is operated differently as to who has taken the lead role in making things happen. This fact plays a big role in how fast or slow each region has progressed over the last two years.

      Kevin is correct that if you are intending to get the Ministry of Education involved do not go directly to the Ministry of Education as you will not get anywhere with them. The Ministry of Education will not change or alter the current curriculum or add more War of 1812 content due to the upcoming bicentennial. If it did it for the War of 1812 content it would be constantly changing the curriculum every time a significant date or significant event it Canadian history came along. Your best route as Kevin mentioned already is to approach each school board directly with a plan of action as they have more flexibility in added special content to their schools programming. You can also approach each school directly as well. Finding a few teachers, principals or trustees that will help your promote special War of 1812 programming in the schools is a big help as well.

      I have been involved with this project for over 2 years now and although the ultimate goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to stimulate tourism dollars they have never once said that generating tourism revenue is the only goal and criteria they are looking for when it comes to supporting War of 1812 Bicentennial activities big or small. All the information that I have been told is just the opposite. Provincial themes at this point up for consideration include:

      1. Country and Pride of Place - "Who we are & who we are not"

      2. Celebrate that "History does Matter"

      3. Our/A Defining Moment

      4. My Community - "More than just a war"

      5. Honour and Sacrifice

      6. Diversity

      7. Peace

      8. Water

      9. Journey/Movement

      I have also included a exert from the Southern Georgian Bay War of 1812 Committees mission statement:

      This plan provides an overview of the historical significance of communities in and around the Southern Georgian Bay area with reference to the War of 1812. The plan recognizes the opportunity for the community to promote this theme, and puts forward the ideas of local stakeholders in the Southern Georgian Bay area who are interested in developing capital projects, events and activities in recognition of the anniversary. The year 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812. This historic event provides a legitimate opportunity to increase our regions profile through:

      · Providing an opportunity to revitalize existing historic sites and expand tourism appeal to these sites.
      · Providing an opportunity to enhance tourism events and create new ones.
      · Celebrate the Bicentennial in an interactive and proactive way.
      · Educate the public, particularly local residents and school groups, about the importance of the history of the War of 1812 in our communities.
      · Provide an opportunity to instil national, provincial and community pride through a rediscovery of local history.
      · Develop tourism product with significant potential to increase visitors and economic impact in the region.

      Any further questions that I can help with please let me know!

      David Brunelle
      Project Director
      SGB 1812-2012

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