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1812 Crown Forces Royal Navy Dispatch

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  • larrylozon
    John: Dale is correct - Contact Commodore Suthren directly at suthren(at)magma.ca - replace the (at) with @ in the above address As AdC I only forward the
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      Dale is correct - Contact Commodore Suthren directly at
      suthren(at)magma.ca - replace the (at) with @ in the above address

      As AdC I only forward the dispatches if you want more info contact the writer

      the School of the Sailor 2010 dispatch I forwarded read



      Unit Commanders,

      Please Inform your members


      I am ordered to forward the following

      L. Lozon ~ AdC

      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

      School of the Sailor 2010
      Supplemental Message


      The 2010 School of the Sailor will be held at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, site of the Royal Navy War of 1812 Dockyard. The confirmed dates are the weekend of June 11-13, 2010.


      Participants will be provided with quarters (doible cabins) in one of the cadet residences, Fort La Salle, and will have meals provided in the Cadet Dining Hall, including box lunches for the lunch at sea, and the refreshments of the 'Meet and Greet' and the final Up Spirits/Commodore's Reception. Secure parking will also be provided. These costs will be met by the Colonial Sailor Program of Canada's Navy. Participants must meet the costs of getting to and from the event, and in providing themselves with acceptable, accurate 1812 kit and clothing.


      The School will accommodate 50 participants only. Priority will be given to re-enactors of the Royal Navy and Provincial Marine of 1812, and then to infantry units providing boat's crews, bateaux crews, or marines in service with Naval Establishments boats or vessels.


      1812 period dress must be worn at all times immediately after arrival, and will serve as participants' pass to meals and College facilities. Dress is to be that of an 1812-era SEAMAN. No officer's dress is to be worn. Members of participating infantry units are not to attend in full dress e.g.shako and crossbelting, but are to wear forage caps and barrack jackets, with haversacks. Dress must be smart and neat in appearance at all times.

      Physical Fitness

      No work aloft in the participating tall ship will be required, but may be experienced on a voluntary basis. All participants must have a general level of fitness to allow movement in and out of ships and boats, the handling of lines and oars, and dockside activity including walking about the extensive College grounds and possibly into Kingston.

      Applying to participate

      Applicants wishing to take part should address an e-mail application to the undersigned, or send a letter by mail. Selection will be assigned on the basis of priorities listed above. Every effort will be made to accommodate all who are intent on developing their skills as an 1812 NAVAL REENACTOR.
      Waiting lists will be established on a first-come, first-serve basis if applications exceed spaces.

      Captain(N) Victor Suthren
      2010 School of the Sailor
      Box 668
      506 St Lawrence Street
      Merrickville, Ontario
      Canada K0G 1N0

      I have the Honour to be,
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America


      Since Commodore Suthren is a subsciber of this Yahoo Group he may want to speak more on the school.

      L2 ~ AdC

      --- "John Matthew IV" wrote:

      Larry, how do we register for this event?
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