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  • mikedeajansen
    From: Calvin Arnt Date: October 6, 2009 11:36:04 PM EDT (CA) To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com Cc: 1812Civilian@yahoogroups.com,
    Message 1 of 16 , Oct 7, 2009
      From: Calvin Arnt <americantory@...>
      Date: October 6, 2009 11:36:04 PM EDT (CA)
      To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: 1812Civilian@yahoogroups.com, Authentic1812er@yahoogroups.com, 1812AndNow@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [TheWarOf1812] Fanshawe thank you!
      Reply-To: TheWarOf1812@yahoogroups.com

      Dear List,

      I would like to sincerely express my personal and my unit's
      appreciation for the recent 1812 weekend at Fanshawe. Thanks is
      deserving of so many and I am likely to miss some people but
      nonetheless I want to point out a few people.

      First to Cpt. Dennison, Sgt. Westhouse, and the rest of the 1st Scots
      Grenadier Coy; thanks for organizing this show every year. It was our
      first one and it is a very cool site to hold an event on.
      To Sheila, Anne and all the site staff, thank you for being gracious
      hosts for us. You ran a very good weekend.

      To EVERYONE who helped Rick; who helped us help Rick - thank you.
      Never did find a shako that fit his big melon but that's OK we went
      with what we had and the viewing audience won't care much either way
      once it's aired I think. Thanks to all for trying to find him a fit
      anyhow. Thanks to everyone who helped set up scenes with him. Thanks
      to Sgt. Major Hartwig and also the retired Principal from the Royal
      Scots Light Coy who tried over and over to get Rick's musket to work
      in the rain Saturday. Thanks to all the various people and crews who
      took Rick on so that he could participate on camera with every facet
      of the hobby. He was on infantry with us; naval & artillery with
      others. We even thank all the American army for attacking us so well
      in that street battle on Sunday. I kinda think we were set up so
      people could get at Rick but that's OK because it worked out fine for
      the camera. It was really funny seeing Rick roughed up by the
      Americans, and that shot at the end with all of us together
      advertizing his show was a great memory all of us can share and
      rehash over the camp fires of the future. Thanks to "Major Tom" for
      agreeing to die from Rick's "great musketry skills" from the boat,
      and the two American drummers too. All this is great set up for what
      will be great advertizing for our hobby.

      To the members of my own unit, 1st Lincoln Militia, thanks for
      coming! Our Sgt. came and left the event with a cold, but toughed it
      out anyhow. Artificer Jackson was likely the most excited about Rick
      and yet didn't get much on-camera time with him. Our women did a lot
      around the camp with cooking and minding the children, without much
      being filmed about them or women's role in the period, which is
      unfortunate. Thanks to our new Private "Delta" who sacrificed a night
      in camp with us so the film crew could use his tent at the hotel for
      one of the gag scenes. A free $230 hotel room later, paid by the
      show ... pretty rough.

      I suppose I should also pat myself on the back a little though I hope
      this doesn't come across as bragging. This was an initiative I
      started 2 years ago. I knew if we could get Rick doing this with us,
      it would give the hobby exposure to millions of viewers and plenty of
      free advertizing that money just cannot buy. So perhaps that is our
      big contribution to the hobby; arrange this free promotion of the
      1812 timer period. I sincerely hope we all reap the benefits of this
      via increased recruits for us all, and an increased awareness and
      appreciation of this war by the public.

      If I missed mentioning anyone, please excuse my oversight; it was not

      The episode will be aired on Rick's show next Tuesday, Oct. 13, 8pm
      EST (on the CBC). After that, it will be loaded onto his website for
      people to watch as many times as they want. The live part of his show
      which will incorporate the Fanshawe footage will be taped this Friday
      evening in Toronto with Rick in front of a live audience, and then
      with the taped pieces added in. If interested in tickets contact the
      CBC but from what I hear, there are likely none available at this
      point. Cheers!

      Mr. Calvin Arnt, Captain.
      1st Reg't, Lincoln Militia.
      Cpt. James Crooks' Light Coy.
      God Save the King!
    • shayna121
      Hello All, Please see the note below from Matt Pindera. Chris McKay Hello to all Gunners, Let me first, through you, express my gratitude to the Crown Forces
      Message 2 of 16 , Mar 13

        Hello All,

          Please see the note below from Matt Pindera.

        Chris McKay

        Hello to all Gunners,

         Let me first, through you, express my gratitude to the Crown Forces Staff for giving the Gunners, on land and water, a voice and avenue for selecting their Artillery Commander. This was a very important and generous decision which will further strengthen an already positive working relationship between the Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry Arms of the Crown Forces Community and gives us the opportunity to further evolve as a distinct impression for the common good of the Re-enacting Culture. 

         Secondly, I want to publicly thank and congratulate my two running mates Bryan Michenfelder and James Nelson. They both sent warm sentiments of congratulations after the election, proof that our community is strong. These gentlemen have expressed great enthusiasm for the Artillery and have years of useful research and knowledge, not to be wasted, but utilized for the good of the Field Artillery and the Naval Establishments.

         Finally, I want to thank you, the Artillerists for participating in this process and reassure you that I will be your voice before, during and after events. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season to once again help bring the past to life and share a place around the fire with some old friends and even make some new ones.

         Yours sincerely,

         Captain Matthew Pindera

         Artillery Commander


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