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Naval Establishments CFNA Dispatch

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  • larrylozon
    ============================== TO: CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders, Please Inform your members ============================== I am ordered to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2009


      Unit Commanders,

      Please Inform your members


      I am ordered to forward the following

      L. Lozon ~ AdC

      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

      2010 School of the Sailor
      Preliminary Notice

      The 2010 Naval Establishments' intensive School of the Sailor will take
      place on the weekend of June 11-13, at the Royal Military College of Canada,
      Kingston, Ontario, Canada, through the gracious permission of the

      The event will be limited to 50 participants, who will receive quarters
      (double cabins) in the cadet residence Fort La Salle; meals in the Cadet
      Dining Hall; parking; use of the Boat Ramp and Jetty; and attendance at the
      event's 'Meet and Greet' and closing 'Up Spirits!' in the historic 'Stone
      Frigate'. Royal Military College is the location of the War of 1812 Dockyard
      of the Royal Navy on Lake Ontario.

      Priority will be given to naval re-enactors recreating the Royal Navy or
      Provincial Marine, 1792-1815, and to "marine" boat or bateaux crews of other
      units such as the Canadian Fencibles and Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

      At the College's requirement, dress is to be uniformly of high quality and
      that of a seaman or soldier serving as a marine or boat's crew. No officer's
      dress is to be worn. Period dress is required for all meals and all
      functions while in the College and must be of the highest possible smartness
      and of tidy appearance. The Dress Regulations for the Naval Establishments
      are appended.

      Instruction will be provided both ashore and in contracted vessels in the
      waters and approaches to Kingston harbour, in longboats, bateaux, and a
      "tall ship", into which all participants will be rotated for intensive
      hands-on training experiences during the day. A Certificate of Participation
      will be issued on completion of the training day.

      General physical fitness and the ability to work in a boat or ship
      environment is required. No work aloft will be mandatory.

      Further details, and instructions on how to apply for the School, will be
      provided at a later date.

      I have the Honour to be,
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America

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