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Re: 1812 Re: Campaign weekend at Fanshawe

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  • Victor Suthren
    Some years ago Rev War re-enactors in the Ottawa area did a dawn-to-dusk scheme in a wooded area beside the Ottawa River. The participants were from various
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      Some years ago Rev War re-enactors in the Ottawa area did a dawn-to-dusk scheme in a wooded area beside the Ottawa River. The participants were from various units, so one team wore green armbands and the other wore blue. The scheme was a version of 'capture the flag'. Team A went deep into the woods from the start point, planted the flag, and set up their defensive positions. Team B waited 10 minutes, then began from the start line to penetrate the woods in search of the flag. Each scheme lasted a total of 45 minutes. On contact, men fired at one another, calling the name of the target (or an identifying mark, e.g. "Sergeant behind the stump!", and it was left to the guy receiving the fire to determine if he had been hit or not. On being hit, the victim went down and let the action go past, then clubbed his musket and walked out to the start line. He knew a new scheme would start soon. At the 45-minute mark both teams walked out and began again, reversing the roles. Several teams managed to penetrate, find the flag, and "kill" enough defenders to make it out to the start line before the 45 minutes were up. A larger area could call for longer time frame. But as a scheme it worked very well---and was a helluva lot of fun as well as a learning experience (hint: motion is what gives you away, not uniform colour).

      Vic Suthren
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      I was in for it when you were trying for it but then it got sidelined. The thing at Fanshawe was suggested by Kevin for those who wanted to try it. Not a whole weekend thing like yours, but work on it and find a weekend that works. Looks like you'd have interest.


      RE: 1812 Re: Campaign weekend at Fanshawe

      This is exactly the kind of event that the Royal Scots looked into a couple of years ago. We envisioned a 'campaign' weekend where each person would bring in what they could carry. Once the clock started on Friday night, the game was on until Late Saturday evening.

      The EM Warwick conservation area is a 40 acre site within the LTVCA. It borders Lake Erie and the entire site can be rented exclusively for an entire week end so you don't have to worry about bumping into the public.
      It has ravines, swamp, a creek, old growth forest, observation tower, a pond and beachfront. The problem was we couldn't find a week end in the season to host another event without conflicting with somebody else and taking their event away. There was also a depressing lack of interest when it was brought up among the hobby.

      Mark Dickerson


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