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Re: 1812 Robert Malcomson

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  • Ed Seufert
    Esteemed List, The following link regarding Mr Malcomson funeral was sent to me via another listserv which I am a member.
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      Esteemed List,

      The following link regarding Mr Malcomson' funeral was sent to me via another listserv which I am a member.


      Being from the colonies, my one connection with Mr Malcomson was at one of our earlier events at Ft George. A gentleman walked up to me and asked to take my picture to which I agreed and he proceeded to snap off about a half-dozen or so. When he finished, I talked to him for a while, recognized who he was and his reason for the pictures: he never saw Royal Marines at an 1812 event before. We corresponded several times about his new book, "Lords of the Lake".

      May he rest in peace and God bless him and his family.

      Ed Seufert, Cpl
      1812 Royal Marines

      Please note immediately that my email address has changed. Please update your contact
      list to reflect my new address: RMarine1812@....

      Thank You.

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      Subject: 1812 Robert Malcomson

      Niagara historian/author Robert Malcomson dies at 60
      Posted 1 day ago

      ST. CATHARINES - Robert Malcomson wasn't going to let the diagnosis stop him from paying his trademark attention to historical detail.

      The day in February 2008 when the award-winning St. Catharines historian and author was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he asked his family to bring his computer and book notes to the hospital.

      "We were walking around stunned," said his daughter, Carrie Malcomson MacGillivray, "but he sat on his bed in the hospital with his notes spread all around him, trying to get his bibliography and index complete. He painstakingly finished it from his hospital bed."

      Malcomson's last book, Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York 1813, was published in April and by the time he attended the official launch and book-signing in May, only his immediate family knew he had had brain surgery and was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

      That's the way he was, upbeat and focused on the positive, Malcomson MacGillivray said.

      Malcomson died Tuesday of a brain tumour. He was 60.

      Capital in Flames went on to win the 2008 John Lyman Award from the North American Society for Oceanic History, Malcomson's third Lyman award. He also won in 1998 for his book Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814, and again in 2001 for Warships of the Great Lakes: 1754-1834.

      Erika Alexander, the executive director of the volunteer group Friends of Fort George, said Malcomson's love of history and his ability to share that passion made him a valuable and favoured tour guide at Queenston Heights, where he trained tour guides and conducted tours himself.

      "Kids enjoyed listening to him, he was such a great storyteller and he always had a smile and a laugh," Alexander said.

      He was also a passionate advocate for the dilapidated Brock Monument, pestering politicians and bureaucrats to make sure the necessary funding would be in place to repair and reopen the Queenston landmark, Alexander said. His persistence paid off, and the monument was finally reopened in 2008. Earlier this week, his efforts were honoured at the announcement of more federal infrastructure funding for Queenston Heights.

      Malcomson was a history teacher for 33 years at various elementary schools. On his Facebook page, former student Jeff Kerr said Malcomson's enthusiasm is responsible for Kerr's ongoing interest in history and politics.

      "He touched the lives of so many students," Kerr said.

      He was also a beloved husband, father and grandfather, who was known as Bookie by his two granddaughters, Holly and Sarah, because he wrote books, Malcomson MacGillivray said.

      She said her father's illness seldom stopped him from participating in the the travel and family celebrations he wanted to do, although his family members are sad he will miss the bicentennial of the War of 1812 in 2012, which he had been excited about.

      "He had such grace and panache and humour and patience and determination," Malcomson MacGillivray said. "He was unreal."

      Malcomson is also survived by his mother, Jennie, his wife, Janet Lucin Malcomson, his daughter Melanie Malcomson Santorelli and two sons-in-law.

      Visitation will be at the George Darte funeral chapel on Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and on Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. A celebration of his life will be held at the George Darte chapel on Saturday at 9:30 a.m., with interment at Victoria Lawn Cemetery.

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