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1812 books for sale

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  • tedyeat
    am having to move and am selling some 1812 books from my library to help with expenses. Email off list if interested. One is super rare. I may have more to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2009
      am having to move and am selling some 1812 books from my library to help with
      expenses. Email off list if interested. One is super rare. I may have more to
      follow in the next day or so. I live in Maryland so prices are in U.S. $$.

      1. Men of Marque: a History of Private Armed Vessels Out of Baltimore During
      the War of 1812
      Author: Cranwell, John Philips And William Bowers Crane
      NY; W. W. Norton & Company,1940.Hardcover
      First Edition. Tan cloth covers are in nice shape, no dust jacket. a Good copy.
      Contents are bright and complete. A complete detailed account of privateer
      ventures out of Baltimore during the war of 1812. This book is scarce and has
      been out-of print since around 1940. Has a period fold out map of the Chesapeake
      Bay ca. 1809. Indexed, with appendices listing privateer vessels and commanders,
      ships taken, etc... I am offering it here first, then taking elsewhere if no one
      is interested. This book is hard to find. Am asking $38, which is on the low

      2. Early Navy and Marines lot of two books; REBELS UNDER SAIL; THE AMERICAN
      NAVY DURING THE REVOLUTION by William M. Fowler. NY; Scribners, 1976, 320 pp. Hc
      with good dj in nice shape. Just what the title says, the birth and early
      actions of the U.S. Navy. TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI; THE BIRTH OF THE U.S. NAVY
      AND MARINES by A..B.C. Whipple. NY: Morrow, 1991, 357 pp. ex. Lib. HC. With
      repair to binding inside covers. Otherwise a nice sound copy, with DJ in mylar
      cover. The story of the war against the Barbary pirates of North Africa. This
      business with pirates and piracy around 1800 caused the rebirth of the Navy and
      Marines. The U.S.S. Bainbridge, which figured in action against pirates off
      Somalia is named after a hero of this conflict. Asking $8.00 for the pair, plus

      3. THE FRIGATES by Henry Gruppe. Alexandra, Va. ; Time- Life, 1979, 176 pp hc
      in nice shape. Part of "the seafarers" series, dealing with the early U.S. Navy
      in the Barbary Wars and War of 1812. Heavily illustrated. Has a list of British
      ships in the War of 1812 period, and where stationed. Also period signal
      flags/book, period paintings of ships/sailors, song lyrics. Great resource for
      the Naval reenactor. Nice book with blue imitation leather cover and coated
      paper. Asking $8.00+ Shipping.

      Elliott-Wright. London, UK; Military Illustrated, 2000. 144 pp like-new
      Hardcover with nice DJ. The story of all rifle units in the British Army from
      the 1790's to 1815. Heavily illustrated with maps and color illustrations of
      Uniforms and accoutrements. Photos of Napoleonic reenactors in Britain. Asking
      $10 + Shipping

      5. NAPOLEONIC WARS; WELLINGTON'S ARMY by Ian Fletcher. London, UK: Brasseys,
      2000. 143 pp. trade paperback with similar format to the book on Riflemen, with
      plenty of color illustrations. Asking $10 + Shipping.
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