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Yesterday's Essentials

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  • Craig Fisher
    I would like to announce to the list that Historic Ft. Meigs will once again sponsor the War of 1812 Material Culture Conference in Perrysburg, Ohio. We have
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2009
      I would like to announce to the list that Historic Ft. Meigs will once again sponsor the War of 1812 Material Culture Conference in Perrysburg, Ohio. We have an interesting and knowledgeable group of speakers all leaders in early American civilian and military history and lifeways skills

      Yesterday's essentials presentation on Saturday is $50.00
      Workshops are priced extra according to program.
      (see online link for more in-depth information on costs)

      The conference will be offered the weekend of April 18-19, 2009. The registration deadline is April 10, 2009. The highlights of this year's activities are as follows:

      Friday, April 17th from 7-11:00 PM

      Enjoy an evening of merriment and diversion to kick off Yesterday's Essentials.
      Period attire recommended but not required
      Sponsored by the Old Northwest Military History Association

      Saturday, April 18th _presentations:

      Sex and the (1812) City – Tim Crumrin
      Discover the sexuality and morals prevalent in the Early Republic.
      They may be not quite what you may think.

      Seasonal Foods & Their Preservation in the Early 19th Century – Susan Odom
      Learn about the seasonal foods available in the Early Republic and the preservation techniques used during this time period.

      Army Uniforms 1810-1813 -James Kochan
      Learn about the transitional uniforms of the U.S. Army between 1810 and 1813 and take a look at the clothing people wear to portray this period.

      The War of 1812 Era in Popular Culture –Ken Osen
      See how Hollywood has portrayed the War of 1812 in movies and TV.
      Are the images seen in the PBS special correct?

      Sunday, April 19th – Workshops

      Sewing 101 by Ericka Osen
      12:30 – 4:30 PM $10.00
      Learn how to "read" a pattern and decipher the markings and terminology associated with it. Basic hand-sewing techniques will also be taught.

      Kannick's Korner Waistcoat Workshop By Kathleen Kannik $45.00
      9:00 -4:00 PM

      Limited to the first 10 people registered • Pattern Included
      This hands-on workshop will include fitting and assistance in altering the
      forthcoming pattern KK-4202 Man's Single-Breasted Waistcoat, 1790-1815.
      Construction Techniques will cover weft pockets, applying interfacing and stays tape, and Pad stitching collars. Please bring the person being fitted to the morning portion.
      Knowledge of basic Sewing and hand sewing is required. Bring sewing kit, Preshrunk/ready-to-sew fabric, lining and notions.
      Registered participants will be contacted in advance to discuss suitable fabrics and preparation so be sure your phone number is included in your registration.
      Lunch will be ordered in or bring your own.

      Registration forms for the conference can be accessed from the Ft. Meigs website at:


      registration forms can be downloaded at


      You can also call Ft. Meigs direct at (419) 874-4121

      Thank You

      Craig Fisher
      ONMHA /1st Regt Volunteers
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