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[OT] New Royal Navy aircraft carriers

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  • James Yaworsky
    Some opinions were expressed on the list that the new RN carriers would never actually be built the last time this off-topic subject was brought up. From
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2009
      Some opinions were expressed on the list that the new RN carriers
      would never actually be built the last time this "off-topic" subject
      was brought up.

      From today's Royal Navy newsletter:

      £90m worth of contracts have been announced for steelwork, modular
      cabins, galley equipment and other components for the Royal Navy's new
      aircraft carriers, HM Ships Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales.

      The key contracts announced today, Friday 16 January 2009, which are
      expected to sustain some 190 jobs nationwide at peak production, include:

      £50m for steelwork for bow sections of the two carriers, to be carried
      out at Babcock's Appledore Shipyard in Devon, sustaining some 150 jobs
      at peak production;
      Galley equipment, £3.4m, Kempsafe Ltd (Southampton);
      Modular cabins and wet spaces, £23m, McGill Services Ltd, sustaining
      about 40 jobs at peak production (Billingham, County Durham);
      Furniture to be installed throughout the ships, £4.4m, McGill Services
      Windows, £1.3m, Tex Special Projects Ltd (Ipswich);
      Doors and hatches, £3.9m, McGeoch Marine Ltd (Inchinnan, Renfrewshire);
      Aircraft electrical supplies equipment, £4m, Ultra Electronics PMES
      (Rugeley, Staffs).
      Early steelwork for the bow unit of Queen Elizabeth commenced in
      Appledore in December.

      After visiting Appledore Shipyard in North Devon, MOD Defence
      Equipment and Support's Director of Capital Ships, Tony Graham, said:

      "Walking on the prepared steel plate destined to become an internal
      deck on HMS Queen Elizabeth gives everyone at the shipyard a sense of
      expectation. We have been making progress in engineering and
      procurement on this programme but we can now see the reality of a ship
      in build.

      "Later this year we will see production start in the main shipyards,
      where the overall scale of the carriers will become clear. Just days
      into 2009, there is a real sense of excitement among the partners and
      confidence in the momentum behind this project."

      Geoff Searle, Programme Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, on
      the tour of the site, said:

      "After many years of design, engineering and planning work across the
      whole of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, it is fantastic to be in
      Appledore to see physical proof of the project moving into the next
      phase. It is also an excellent example of how this iconic project will
      involve companies in many parts of the UK, creating and sustaining
      thousands of jobs, like those of the 14 new apprentices taken on here
      in Appledore, the first for six years."

      Today's announcements form part of the £3bn manufacture contract,
      which was awarded by MOD to the Aircraft Carrier Alliance in July 2008.

      The Aircraft Carrier Alliance – a single integrated team formed from
      BVT Surface Fleet, BAE Systems Marine, Babcock, Thales UK and MOD –
      will deliver the carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

      Work on the ships is expected to create or sustain 10,000 jobs in the
      UK at its peak.

      Jim Yaworsky
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